Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 Review: Aesthetic Appeal and Audio Performance

Harman Kardon presents the Go + Play 3, a sizable Bluetooth speaker ideal for both portability and as a substitute for a traditional stereo system. Emphasizing not just excellent audio but also a chic design, Harman Kardon prioritizes both aspects. Upon initial inspection, the device exudes quality and elegance. However, the speaker’s primary focus, undoubtedly, remains its sound quality. Let’s delve into the Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 review and determine if it lives up to this expectation!

Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 Review: Aesthetic Appeal and Audio Performance

Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 Review

Design and features

Harman Kardon epitomizes an esteemed luxury manufacturer, placing significant emphasis on design. Indeed, the Go + Play 3 embodies remarkable style! Measuring 439 x 240 x 192 mm and weighing 4.7 kg, it stands as a slightly larger speaker in size.

Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 Review: Aesthetic Appeal and Audio Performance

Wrapped in linen fabric, its body showcases a plastic cover atop housing touch-sensitive buttons for control. Additionally, a substantial metal handle resides on the top, facilitating easier transportation of the speaker.

While it might not be explicitly designed for constant mobility, moving the Go + Play 3 from room to room or into the garden presents no challenge whatsoever.

An integrated battery is a notable feature; nonetheless, it delivers a runtime of “only” 8 hours at medium to low volume, which suffices for home use.

Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 Review: Aesthetic Appeal and Audio Performance

Charging the speaker is conveniently done through the AC input located at the back, which also allows for continuous connection to the power supply. Moreover, it offers a USB output (5V/2A) at the rear for charging your smartphone, along with an AUX input.

Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 Review: Aesthetic Appeal and Audio Performance

A minor observation: control of the Go + Play 3 is managed via touch-sensitive buttons. While generally satisfactory, the power switch, in particular, exhibited a slightly delayed response.


Harman Kardon promotes the Go + Play 3’s three-way speaker system, incorporating separate high, low, and midrange drivers, promising dynamic and high-quality sound.

Beginning with the highs in the Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 review, the two tweeters located on the edges excel remarkably. They deliver remarkably clear and clean treble with impressive brilliance, maintaining clarity without compromising on sibilance. In summary, the speaker achieves top-tier highs.

However, the midrange surprised us a bit. Its overall sound quality remains passable at best. It leans toward a high/low-focused sound profile with notable dynamics. While vocals are satisfactory, we’ve encountered speakers that offer fuller-bodied midranges.

Conversely, the bass proves to be intriguingly captivating. It boasts exceptional depth and richness, outshining numerous large-party speakers. Yet, the upper bass registers a tad lighter. This isn’t negative per se, but it lacks the impactful punch and kick of, say, a JBL Boombox 3 or similar party speakers. However, with bass-heavy tracks, its prowess truly shines, producing palpable thunder!

Consequently, the Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 presents an unexpected and vivid sound profile: phenomenal highs, and impressive deep bass, albeit with thinner mids than anticipated.

This amalgamation offers a highly dynamic and lively sound with excellent contrast, especially apparent in tracks with resounding bass hits.

The stark contrast between the deep bass and the crystal-clear highs adds depth to the overall sound. Yet, in terms of richness, we’ve encountered better offerings in this price bracket. The Go + Play 3 delivers a controlled and clean sound.

Final line

The Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 stands out as an exhilarating Bluetooth speaker, particularly in its design. Unlike many high-end Bluetooth speakers that might seem conspicuous in a stylish living room or office, the Go + Play 3 seamlessly blends in, exuding elegance and value as promised by the Harman Kardon brand.

Its sound profile differs slightly from our expectations, offering a strikingly contrasting audio experience. It excels in delivering exceptional highs and deep bass, creating a clean and spacious sound with a powerful bass impact. However, the mids and upper bass ranges appear somewhat diminished.

This characteristic imparts a distinct and airy sound to the Go + Play 3, with an emphasis on substantial bass resonance. Nevertheless, despite its remarkable depth, the speaker doesn’t exhibit the same robust bass performance as several other party speakers. If you seek a bass-heavy powerhouse, this might not be the ideal choice, despite its impressive depth.

The Go + Play 3’s distinctiveness lies in its unique and compelling sound signature, owing to its remarkable dynamics.

Ultimately, the decision rests with you. If the design appeals to you and our Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 review intrigues you, it might just be the perfect fit.

Price and availability

The Harman Kardon Go + Play 3 can be found on Amazon.com for $343.27 or £299.99 on Amazon.co.uk.

[amazon box=”B0CF7LY4XZ”]


  • Stylish design
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Dynamic, high-quality sound
  • Impressive deep bass and highs


  • Lack of water protection
  • Mediocre sound quality

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