FiiO FD5 Hi Res In Ear Monitor with Semi-Open 3D Design

Fiio has just introduced their newest single- dynamic Hi res In Ear monitor called the FiiO FD5, it will be the flagship of the previous FD1. To get the same high-quality sound as many drivers like FH7 and FA9, FiiO has used quite a lot of technology in the FD5 model.

FiiO FD5 In Ear Monitor

FD5’s dynamic driver is a combination of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) and Palladium (a metal 30 times rarer than Gold). Each side of the driver is coated with a different coating to create a sound quality that captures the high strength of the DLC and still has soft and dense, not too bright.

An interesting point of the FiiO FD5 Hi-res earbud is that the housing part is used in stainless steel and 3D printed to ensure accuracy on both sides of the housing. Combining a unique, powerful design and inside the sound chamber, the diffuse details and the resonance structure of the multi-layered casket sound chamber create a sound quality that is tuned according to the company’s wishes, without resonance.

FiiO FD5 Hi Res In Ear Monitor

The design of the housing is also in the semi-open form on the two housing sides to get airy sound quality and solidity in the bass range. Another difference in this headset is that the jack also uses a detachable design with replaceable jacks of 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4.4mm.

FiiO FD5 price and availability

The new FiiO Hi res In Ear monitor has been priced at $299.99 and it can be purchased through the website. In the box, includes an earphone cable, HB5 Storage case, Bass ear tips 6x (S M L), Balanced ear tips 6x (S M L), Vocal ear tips 6x (S M L), Foam ear tips 4x (S M L), Triple Flange tips 4x (S L), Final MMCX ASSIST, Cleaning brush, and Interchangeable sound tube.

Recently, FiiO has also introduced the BTA30 wireless Bluetooth transceiver that is capable of receiving Bluetooth signals, priced at $89.99. And Q5s Type-C DAC Amp with a newer Bluetooth decoder along with a USB-C connector, priced at $359.99.

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