Dreame Z10 Station cordless vacuum cleaner with self-emptying dock

The Dreame Z10 Station, a budget cordless stick vacuum cleaner, has made its debut in Europe, showcasing a self-emptying dock that eliminates the need for manual dust bag emptying for up to 90 days. Among its array of features are built-in blue lights for improved visibility of dust, automatic dirt detection, and optimized suction.

Dreame Z10 Station budget cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Equipped with a self-emptying dock, the Dreame Z10 Station electric stick vacuum cleaner allows effortless emptying of its built-in dust bag with a simple click. With a 2.5-liter capacity, Dreame claims this dock may remain unemptied for up to 90 days.

The vacuum’s base, serving as a charging hub, offers approximately 65 minutes of usage. Powered by a robust 108,000 RPM brushless motor, the vacuum produces 150 AW suction power. Illuminating blue light aids in detecting dust on floors, particularly in dimly lit spaces, while the vacuum adjusts suction levels intelligently based on detected dirt.

Featuring an adaptable brush attachment, this portable vacuum handles various surfaces like carpets and hard floors, boasting a five-layer filtration system that claims to capture 99.9 percent of dust. Bundled with numerous small accessories, including a mini-brush with integrated blue light, the model weighs a relatively light 1.67 kg.

Dreame Z10 Station price and release date

The Dreame Z10 Station cordless vacuum cleaner is available for purchase in EU nations like France and Germany for €499 on Amazon, with its product page also emerging on Amazon.co.uk, hinting at its impending availability in these regions. However, details regarding its potential North American release or timeline remain unknown.

Ecovacs has introduced its latest addition to the robotic cleaning lineup, the Deebot T20e Omni, offering efficient vacuuming and mopping functionalities at an attractive price point. Its dry cleaning capabilities, managed by a brush adept at handling hair and dust on various surfaces including carpets, are available for purchase at £699 on Amazon UK.

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