Evovacs Deebot T20e Omni vacuum and mopping robot with a discount

Ecovacs has unveiled its newest addition to the cleaning robot family, the Deebot T20e Omni, designed to offer convenient vacuuming and mopping capabilities at an affordable price point. While it may be a slightly scaled-down version of the T20 Omni, the differences are minimal.

Evovacs Deebot T20e Omni vacuum and mopping robot

One notable distinction is the cleaning mechanism. Unlike its counterpart, the T20e Omni requires cold water for mopping tasks, eliminating the need for hot water when dealing with heavily soiled areas. Dry cleaning duties are handled efficiently by a brush, adept at tackling hair and dust on various surfaces, including carpets. Equipped with a powerful suction of 6,000 Pa, the vacuum ensures thorough cleaning comparable to high-end models in the market.

Wet cleaning is enhanced through the deployment of two rotating mops, each making 180 revolutions per minute. These mops exert a contact force of 6 Newtons, enabling effective removal of dried-on stains. Additionally, the mops can be elevated to prevent wetting carpets during cleaning, with a floor clearance of 9 millimeters when raised.

Integrating TrueDetect 3D 3.0 technology, the T20e Omni intelligently navigates its surroundings, adeptly avoiding obstacles in its path. The device is further augmented by a 3-liter dust container in its suction station, enabling extended autonomous use without frequent emptying.

Deebot T20e Omni price and availability

Available for purchase at £769 on Amazon.co.uk, the T20e Omni offers a compelling discount of approximately £150, making it an attractive choice for households seeking efficient and budget-friendly cleaning solutions.

In a similar vein, Anker has introduced its latest innovation in the smart home sector, the eufy Clean L60. This automatic vacuum cleaner robot, currently priced at just $250 / £199.99 due to an ongoing discount, has garnered attention for its affordability and impressive features. Positioned as the best budget-friendly option on the market, the eufy Clean L60 promises efficient and cost-effective automated cleaning solutions for discerning consumers.

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