DJI Mini 2 Compact Drone Introduced: Faster and More Stable

DJI today officially unveiled the new DJI Mini 2, a compact drone that replaces the Mavic Mini. With unchanged dimensions and design (the weight stopped at 1 gram before the “registered” threshold in many countries of 250 grams), the DJI Mini drone has become better. Both in terms of flight characteristics and in terms of video recording parameters.

DJI Mini 2 Drones

Perhaps the most important innovation is the rejection of Wi-Fi as a communication technology and drone control. Instead, OcuSync 2 is used, which makes communication with the mini drones more stable, and also increases the range by 2.5 times in comparison with its predecessor.

The stability of the connection is supported by the increased resistance of the drone to gusts of wind. While the Mavic Mini successfully resists gusts up to 29 km/h, the Mini 2 already resists gusts up to 38 km/h. At least that’s what it says. The maximum speed has also increased – from 46 to 57.5 km/h. New DJI small drones are faster and accelerate, as well as gain altitude faster. The flight time increased, but not too much – by a barely perceptible 1 minute.

DJI Mini 2 Drones

The DJI Mini 2 has seriously improved its video recording capabilities. If for the predecessor the maximum quality is 30 fps with a resolution of 2.7K and a stream rate of 40 Mbps, then the new product already has 4K with the same 30 fps, but a much higher bitrate – 100 Mbps. The Mini 2 also supports RAW photography and Full HD video recording at 60 fps. As for the camera matrix, it uses a fairly small optical format sensor 1/2.3 inches with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

DJI Mini 2 price and availability

In comparison with its predecessor, the Mini drone price has risen by $50 – they ask for $449 for the DJI Mini 2 and $599 for Fly More Combo kit contains three batteries and a charging hub, as well as a bag. It is now available to buy on and websites.

Last month, DJI announced a new Pocket 2 Gimbal Camera with a stabilization system. This is a second-generation DJI action camera that has a weight of 117 grams, a wider lens (than the first model), and a 1/1.7 inch format sensor. In the first version, a smaller 1/2.3 inch format sensor was installed.

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