DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor: Small Console for Fast Video Editing

The Australian company Blackmagic Design is not only known as a manufacturer of professional video equipment such as cinema cameras (e.g. the Pocket Cinema Cameras 4K/6K with their extreme price-performance ratio or the brand new high-resolution Ursa Mini Pro 12K) and all kinds of studio components, but also for their comprehensive DaVinci Resolve video software. The software enables video editing, color grading, audio editing, and effects. DaVinci Resolve is available in an inexpensive studio version as well as a free version. Blackmagic has now introduced another editing keyboard for this video software, the DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor

DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor is a small keyboard for video editing, it is similar to the separate number and navigation block of a large standard computer keyboard, but also has a search control/rotary knob/jog dial. The new “DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor” is much smaller than the “DaVinci”, which has been available for a long time and is around three millimeters more expensive than the Resolve video editor keyboard.

The internal hardware of the new DaVinci Resolve studio keyboard works together with the “DaVinci Resolve” software and thus represents a considerably faster editing solution. Compared to using the mouse, the editing keyboard speeds up the work of the video cutter significantly, as there is a physical editing function for each editing function control element is present. This enables multiple tasks to be performed at the same time.

The DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor scores point instead of a large QWERTY keyboard with a smaller, more mobile dimension and in a block with the function keys provides the settings that are expressly only required for editing. Some keys also have a second function that can be activated by holding down or pressing a key twice. The portable design with fewer buttons still provides a lot of editing functionality. The keys are grouped in blocks so that users can blindly find the keys they need and work faster than with regular keyboards.

Bluetooth is integrated into the Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor. The keyboard can therefore be used without tangled cables and even together with a normal computer keyboard. This is ideal for use with a laptop. If necessary, the keyboard can also be connected via USB. The internal battery is charged at the same time via the USB port.

In classic DaVinci video editing software, the user works with thousands of clips that have to be clicked and moved individually during editing. It’s too time-consuming for projects like commercials, news, promo, and training videos. The originally tape-based linear cut had the advantage that users could see all media when playing the settings from the videotape and could simply fast forward or rewind. In the cut workroom, there is now a modern variant of the videotape, the so-called source tape mode. To scroll through all available media, all you need to do is press the Source button and use the search dial. The current clip is marked live in the bin. After a cut has been made, the viewer remains in source tape mode,

The most common process involved in cutting is entering In and Out points. That is why there are large In and Out buttons on the Speed ​​Editor keyboard that you can find without looking. This is ideal for two-handed cutting, as users can operate the transport buttons with the right hand and set In and Out points, and make cuts with the left. You simply scroll with the search dial and set In and Out points at any point. Once the In and Out points have been set, you simply stretch out your fingers to the buttons with the cut functions to carry out the cut. The In and Out points are also used to zoom in on the source tape. To then return from the source tape view to the complete bin, press the escape key.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor

It cuts differently with a keyboard than with a mouse. Because of this, the Cut workspace has been upgraded to take full advantage of the keyboard’s speed. The intelligent editing functions use a so-called “Smart Indicator” in the timeline to automatically insert cuts. In most cases, this saves users from having to set In and Out points in the timeline to carry out an edit. The edit buttons are located directly above the In and Out buttons and are easy to feel. In the cut workspace, there is no longer any waste of time switching to the timeline, as clips can be selected directly from the source tape and placed continuously. This is much faster because you can just throw clips one by one into the timeline.

The high-quality, large search dial integrated into the keyboard enables users to trim settings as precisely as possible. On top of that, it is faster because the trim buttons turn the search dial into a trim tool. You just hold down one of the trim buttons and turn the dial. While you select different trim modes with your left hand, you can fine-tune with the right hand. This is extremely fast and the smart indicator in the timeline shows exactly which intersection point is currently being trimmed. You simply navigate through the timeline and trim cuts in real-time. This opens up a completely new way of working.

Adding transitions to cut marks can be time-consuming in the software because you have to click each effect individually and drag it into the timeline. But with the DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor keyboard, you can turn effects on and off at the touch of a button. Effects can be added or removed in no time when scrolling through the timeline. The smart indicator in the timeline shows exactly which intersection point is involved. You can also zoom in on the timeline to take a closer look at intersection points. The Cut button removes all effects from a cut mark in the timeline. The Dissolve key is used to create an intersection with a cross-fade of a standard length. The Smooth Cut button is used for smooth transitions to smooth out image jumps.

DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor price and availability

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Speed ​​Editor is now available to buy from Bhphotovideo and Amazon online resellers for $295.

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