Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus ensures clear conversations in noisy environments

With Conversation Clear Plus, Sennheiser is presenting a mixture of TWS earphones and a hearing solution that is intended to help understand conversations in noisy environments. The new product is available now.

Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus Hearing Solution

Similar to Jabra with Enhance Plus, Sennheiser is also introducing a new product that is intended to help with hearing difficulties. The new Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus product promises better intelligibility of conversations in noisy environments. The earplugs are aimed at people who, for example, have problems understanding conversations in busy restaurants or near a busy street.

The new Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus is a mixture of TWS earphones and a hearing solution. The heart of the product is the highly developed Sonova chip technology. It helps improve speech intelligibility during calls and conversations. The automatic environment recognition, which analyzes the noise level of the respective environment and adapts the speech amplification in response, plays a decisive role here.

The manufacturer promises clear speech reproduction even in noisy environments, such as during a personal conversation or on the phone. Active noise cancellation (ANC) minimizes background noise, allowing the user to fully focus on the conversation.

The product allows the user to control the amount of ambient noise they want to hear. Active noise suppression can either reduce background noise to a minimum or allow certain sounds to be heard. Three different listening modes, Relax, Communication, and Streaming, are available to suit various situations. The earphones can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth and settings and setup can be done through the companion app. The battery life is 9 hours and can be extended by an additional 27 hours with the included transport box.

Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus price and release date

The recommended retail price for the Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus, which is now available, is $849.95 on and will be released on January 20, 2023.

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