Blackmagic Design launches Revolutionary New Products

Blackmagic Design announces two new Blackmagic Studio Camera models, new HyperDeck Studio Mini recorders, and Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K.

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K, Web Presenter 4K, HyperDeck Studio HD

Blackmagic Studio Camera

The Blackmagic Studio line has the same functionality as large cameras, but with a single compact body. With an ISO setting of up to 25,600, the image will be excellent even in low light conditions. Also includes an intercom and status indicator, remote control, built-in color grading tool, and Blackmagic RAW codec recording to USB drives.

The large 7-inch display makes framing easier, the touchscreen gives you access to settings, and the circular knobs allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, and peaking.

Gain from -12 dB (ISO 100) to +36 dB (ISO 25,600) produces footage with low digital noise and graininess while maintaining the entire dynamic range of the sensor. The required value is set by the operator himself on the camera or remotely from the switcher (via SDI or via the control protocol via the Ethernet port).

Blackmagic Studio camera models are equipped with an MFT mount that is compatible with a wide range of available photo optics. The Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro has SDI interfaces and a 5-pin XLR connector on the side of the case for connecting a standard broadcast-grade headset.

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K, Web Presenter 4K, HyperDeck Studio HD

Blackmagic Studio 4K Pro supports multi-camera connections with just one Ethernet cable. As a rule, the infrastructure with traditional broadcasting technology uses expensive optical fiber according to the SMPTE standard. However, thanks to the built-in 10G Ethernet port, the cost of this model is much lower than that of analogs. It is used for control, power, and transmission of program and return streams, talkback messages, and tally signals. The Blackmagic Studio Converter converts footage from the switcher and supplies power over the power cable. Thus, there is no need to plug equipment into outlets.

Blackmagic Studio Camera Features

  • Created for broadcasting.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate body.
  • ISO up to 25,600 for quality footage in low light conditions.
  • 4K sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range.
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular MFT lenses.
  • Large 7-inch viewfinder with high brightness.
  • 12G-SDI, HDMI, and 10G Ethernet connectors.
  • SMPTE infrastructure based on a single copper Ethernet cable.
  • USB-C connector for direct recording to external drives.
  • Exceptional recording quality with Blackmagic RAW codec.
  • Built-in microphones with improved stereo separation.
  • Mini XLR 48V inputs with phantom power.
  • Tripod mount for quick setup.
  • Powered by 12V unit or Ethernet port.
  • Connect framing and zoom peripherals for full lens control.
  • Receive all streams with Blackmagic Studio Fiber Converter over Ethernet port.

HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro and HyperDeck Studio HD Plus

The new HyperDeck Studio recorders offer improved design, additional codecs, and a wide variety of file types. These models support H.264, ProRes, and DNx video recording and playback, as well as PCM and AAC audio. In addition, all devices accept SD / UHS-II cards, and the Pro versions have a connector for an external SSD.

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K, Web Presenter 4K, HyperDeck Studio HD

The HyperDeck Studio line allows you to record broadcast-quality video directly to SD cards and SSDs in ProRes, DNxHD, and H.264 formats, as well as PCM and AAC audio. The 4K modification additionally provides support for files in the H.265 codec. The Plus and Pro models additionally support ProRes 4444 when keying.

HyperDeck Studio Mini recorders can record to regular SD / UHS-II cards, and the HyperDeck Studio HD Pro and HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro models additionally have two SSD slots. It is also provided for saving to external USB drives. With H.265, one terabyte is enough for 58 hours of video at 2160p / 60 Ultra HD, and with H.264 – 157 hours at 1080p / 59.94. That’s over six days for HD on a 1TB card.

HyperDeck Studio Features

  • Four new models with elegant designs.
  • Built-in color LCD for status display.
  • Two slots for continuous recording.
  • Record in H.264, H.265, ProRes, and DNx formats.
  • A set of state-of-the-art broadcast quality connectors.
  • Models with 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI, or 12G-SDI interface.
  • The USB port is recognized as a webcam and allows you to use any broadcast application.
  • HDR recording support.
  • Work with multichannel digital audio.
  • Built-in timecode and reference generators for recording split streams.
  • Interface in 13 main languages.
  • Support for popular editing and visual effects applications.
  • Compact models take up only 1/3 of a rack shelf.

Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K

Blackmagic Design announces the new Web Presenter 4K, which retains the functionality of the previous HD model and features advanced H.264 hardware encoding for Ultra HD streaming. Featuring a compact footprint, it has a 12G-SDI down-converted input that allows you to stream in 1080p HD or 2160p Ultra HD. Additionally, there is a USB output with support for both formats to simulate a webcam signal when connected to a computer.

Blackmagic Web Presenter also has features to ensure continuous streaming. The solution allows you to connect to the Internet in two ways: via the built-in Ethernet port, or using a 5G or 4G smartphone as a wireless hotspot. In case of failure of one channel, the other will be automatically activated. If necessary, it is possible to use a pair of devices for streaming to the primary and secondary YouTube servers. In addition, the model has power connectors for AC and DC power supplies.

Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K, Web Presenter 4K, HyperDeck Studio HD

While the Blackmagic Web Presenter is primarily intended for streaming across multiple platforms, it can be used as a custom SDI link between studios. ATEM Streaming Bridge is a converter that accepts H.264 streams from the Blackmagic Web Presenter and converts them back to SDI output. This allows the signal to be transmitted to remote locations on the local Ethernet network, and when connected to the Internet, to anywhere in the world. This functionality is possible thanks to the hardware decoding of the H.264 image.

Like traditional TV station transmitters, streaming servers are critical infrastructure components. For this reason, the Blackmagic Web Presenter has a dedicated output for monitoring technical parameters in full 1080 HD resolution. It can be used to display the image itself, accurate audio indicators, graphs of the stream rate and cache status, as well as a complete picture of settings and detailed information about the SDI signal on an SDI display or HDMI TV.

Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K Features

  • Complete solution for streaming videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Supports streaming over Ethernet or mobile internet using a USB port.
  • Native support for H.264 codec.
  • Connect to the Internet with a 5G or 4G phone for remote streaming.
  • The USB port is recognized as a webcam and allows you to use any broadcast application.
  • Monitor technical parameters, including image characteristics, graphs, and SDI signal details.
  • Software utility for Mac and Windows.
  • Down-converted 12G-SDI input from any HD or Ultra HD source.
  • Redundant power supply through compatibility with AC and DC power supplies.

Price and availability

All new Blackmagic products are already available to pre-order via the and online websites.

Earlier this year, Blackmagic Design has introduced the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro that includes a brighter adjustable HDR touchscreen, built-in ND filters, a larger battery, support for an optional electronic viewfinder, offers the latest 5th generation color technology, a 13-stop Super35 HDR image sensor, ISO 25600, the popular Canon EF mount, and is priced at $2,495.

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