Best True Wireless Earbuds 2020: Buy in February

It is interesting to note how the world of headphones has rapidly evolved in recent years, leading to a differentiation of these accessories into different sub-categories, a symptom that the needs of us end users have become increasingly specific. The so-called true wireless is among the most visible and, perhaps, also among the most desired: truly wireless, excellent battery life and new functions.

best true wireless earbuds 2020

Their development and diffusion are directly linked to the exceptional efficiencies achieved with the small integrated batteries; being able to use them for several hours thus consecrated the true wireless on the market, with increasingly advanced functions that are raising the bar. We are thinking of the noise cancellation, still difficult to integrate into such small elements, but already present on several wireless earbud headphones that we are comparing today.

Before starting with this best true wireless earbuds 2020 guide, however, we would like to clarify one thing: unfortunately, the best sounding wireless earbuds have not yet invented by anyone, they can certainly excel in something and thus meet the more specific needs sought by someone, but there is still work to be done on different fronts. We also like to think of this content as “temporary”, on the other hand, there are many other interesting true wireless earbuds that will soon arrive on the market, from Google’s Pixel Buds to Amazon’s Echo Buds and Microsoft’s Surface Buds.

Apple Airpods Pro

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They are probably among the most comfortable of the best true wireless earbuds 2020 guide, finally renewed in design and technology, Apple has obviously done its homework very well and brought to the market a pair of wireless earbud headphones capable of providing excellent sound quality. Featherweight with only 5.4g per single earpiece, you can wear them and forget you have them, plus ergonomics is almost perfect and allows you to insert them in the charging box without too much hassle.

Compared to the previous model, its nature changes, these are real in-ear with lots of silicone eartips that help to exclude external noises. We also hated inserting rubber in the ears, but in recent years the materials and overall comfort have improved, greatly reducing the hassle. The AirPods Pro is a perfect evolution that adapts to current times, firm in the ear and with a yield that projects them immediately onto the podium of the sector. Transparency mode that makes the difference and allows you to wear them and listen naturally to his and the voices that surround us.

They are also suitable for sports, resistant to water and sweat (IPX4 certification), thanks to the shape and the eartips just described, they are firm and do not run away during the most classic physical activities. Finally, the audio on call is more than excellent, even if they lack a bit of bass and in direct comparison with Sony they pay a pledge. High price, the AirPods Pro is the most expensive of this best true wireless earbuds 2020 guide with a list price of $249 (REVIEW).

You can also buy it from the store.


  • Noise Cancelling Earbuds
  • Compact Case
  • Wireless Charging
  • Top Audio Quality
  • Comfortable calling, also for sports
  • Software and Integration match with ecosystem
  • Android compatibility


  • Lightning port
  • Price
  • Silicone Tips
  • Touch Controls

Samsung Galaxy Buds

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Among the smallest of the guide with only 5.6g in weight and, probably, the best for doing sports given the dimensions and guaranteed grip. They adhere perfectly to the ear, take the shape of the ear canal and protrude very little further, therefore they do not become unbalanced like many others. Even the case is not bulky, has wireless charging and integrates a battery (252mAh) which provides little more than a full charge.

The 6 hours of listening declared by Samsung are accurate, although it is unthinkable to keep them on for a whole day because they always remain in-ear. The pairing takes place via Bluetooth 5.0 and is always very fast, to manage tracks and calls there are touch controls, finally precise after the first months of frustrations. And yes, the first weeks with these Galaxy Buds have not been positive at all, but Samsung has promptly updated them on several occasions and has put several things on purpose: from the Bluetooth connection to the call quality.

To talk on the phone and converse are not the best, both Sony and Apple have managed to do better, but we are certainly above the sufficiency and solved the initial problems.

You can also buy it from the store.


  • Compact, Ergonomics
  • Good for Sports
  • Price
  • Touch Controls
  • USB Type-C (Case)
  • Wireless Charging (Case)


  • On-call Audio quality
  • No Noise Cancellation

Sony WF-1000XM3

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Probably the best of the best true wireless earbuds 2020 that we have tried so far, the WF-1000XM3 do not, however, boast a particularly appealing name and a form factor that makes them difficult to wear if you want to do physical activity. The technological solutions adopted by Sony have a price in terms of dimensions, inside there is a chip dedicated to the noise cancellation (HD QN1e) and 6mm drivers.

The sound quality is excellent: clear, crystal and at the same time full-bodied, as far as it is possible on such a device, it is important to underline that true wireless will hardly be able to achieve the performance of much larger over-ear headphones. Voice calls are more than satisfactory, but as long as the noise cancelling is turned off, otherwise, the words cut off at the end that make understanding more complicated.

The case is delightful, certainly improved: it provides battery three times beyond that of the batteries integrated into the headphones, has the NFC chip that facilitates pairing but weighs 77g and is far too large to fit comfortably in your pocket. Touch controls work pretty well, taps are recorded quickly.

With the latest update on November 27, Alexa’s support and volume control directly from the wireless earbud headphones also arrived, a very important detail that is almost impossible to find on true wireless.

You can also buy it from the store.


  • Audio quality
  • Best noise cancelling earbuds
  • Good Battery life
  • Immediate touch response
  • Volume control from earbuds


  • Charging case is easily scratched
  • Price
  • Big Case

Jabra Elite 75t

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In this best true wireless earbuds 2020 guide Jabra with its Elite 75T that compared to the previous ones slightly renew the performance with an almost unchanged design (although they are smaller and more comfortable): 7.5 hours of continuous usage and a total of 28 hours if we also consider the case. Finally, it can be recharged via USB-C port.

There are always 4 microphones, but now they are more efficient, in fact, the algorithm for noise cancellation has been revised. They are suitable for sports, IP55 certified, in fact, they resist rain and sweat and the shape facilitates adherence when worn.


  • Aesthetic
  • Audio quality
  • Dual connection
  • IP55


  • Bulky houses

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

[amazon box=” B00E8BDS60″ /]

Finally, a bonus that points to a cheaper product like the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, true wireless earbuds made by Anker and sold on Amazon around $150. They work as standalone, so we can only keep one by ear, which is not always taken for granted on the cheaper models.

Anker has integrated Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX technology, there are also the classic 4 microphones that allow the reduction of background noise. Certainly not the very small case that recharges via USB-C port and IPX4 certification that ensures resistance against splashes and sweat, however difficult to recommend for sports given the size of the earphones that protrude enough for the ear.

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