Best Nintendo Switch Dock

The stands for smartphones and tablets (including the Nintendo Switch) are very comfortable objects that allow you to support your device. On the other hand, the dock allows you to connect your console to your home television, so you can play on a bigger screen and enjoy the game you are playing. This kind of many products is available on the market and it is not always easy to choose the perfect model for your needs. In this guide, we offer you the best Nintendo Switch Dock available on the market today.

Best Nintendo Switch Dock

Nintendo Switch Dock: Which to Buy

The Nintendo Switch is a special console that can also be used on the go. The huge success of the Nintendo Switch has led many third-party companies to make many Nintendo Switch accessories, such as dock, stand and glass films. Products have been created that enhance the everyday user experience. We are talking about the stands and docks. The first products simply stand that allows you to improve the user experience in a portable mode. Nintendo has positioned the USB Type-C port on the bottom of the console and this does not allow you to charge it while it is in a vertical position. The stands allow you to avoid this problem and to play with the console while it is positioned on any horizontal surface.

Coming to the dock, are simple solutions that allow you to connect your console to the TV in your home, so as to turn it into a living room console. Accessories such as stands and docks must be made with a good build quality that does not allow the product to break too easily after a few hours of use.

Best Nintendo Switch Stands

Hori Playstand

The stand made by Hori is a product characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio. It was made under license from Nintendo and is equipped with a kind of plastic plate that can support the console without any problem. It can be adapted to various heights and angles, greatly improving the user experience. It also allows you to recharge the Nintendo Switch while using it in a horizontal position resting on any table, without the wire getting in your way.

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It is possible to fold the stand so as to transport it anywhere without worrying about any space inside the backpack or bag. Despite the really low selling price, this product is characterized by an excellent build quality.

Lamicall Stand

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Lamicall is a company specialized in the production of stands for smartphones and tablets. This product is a stand mainly dedicated to tablets, but that can be perfectly adapted to the Nintendo Switch console. It is made of rubber and aluminum alloy and can be conveniently folded on itself to be transported anywhere you want. The rubber allows you to avoid sudden slides and to fix it perfectly to any horizontal surface. The USB Type-C port is left completely free, so you can recharge it even when you play the console in an upright position.

Numskull Charging Stand

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It is a stand that allows you to recharge the Nintendo Switch and the two Joy-Con. The stand allows you to hold your console, so you can easily place it on any flat surface. It is made with an excellent build quality. Thanks to this product, you can safely play your favorite games, even when the console is charging. There are LED indicators that will alert you when a device has reached its maximum charge. The only defect of this stand is the impossibility to adjust it to your liking.

Best Nintendo Switch Dock

MoKo Dock Nintendo Switch

It is a product that is noted for its extremely small size. Despite its compact size, this MoKo dock can withstand the weight of the console, allowing it to be kept upright while connected to the TV. There is a USB Type-C port, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI port.

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The company has decided to focus a lot on the heat dissipation of the console. The Nintendo Switch, especially when connected to a TV, produces a lot of heat under stress. For this reason, this dock was also designed to dissipate the heat of the console in the best possible way. The compact dimensions favor the transport inside the backpack or bag.

Official Nintendo Switch Dock

We also have the official Nintendo Switch dock made directly by the Japanese company. It is a very light product and can be transported in your backpack. However, it is a product designed and made specifically to be left in front of a TV, also considering the generous size and the relatively cumbersome form factor.

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This dock is able to recharge the console while you play using your television. You will no longer have to worry about power or compatibility issues. We advise you to focus especially on this product, preferring it to other models made by third-party companies. Being an official product of Nintendo, you will enjoy an excellent build quality and perfect compatibility with your console.

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