Best Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

To play on the move with the Nintendo Switch, it is essential to always have a Power Bank at your fingertips. Thanks to these devices, you can recharge your console at critical moments, especially when a wall outlet is not available. The console can be used either as a portable console to be transported anywhere or as a living room console.

Best Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

The huge success of the console has led many third-party companies to make accessories for Nintendo Switch, such as dock, headphones, Joy-Con, stands and tempered glass films. In this guide, we offer you the best Power Bank for Nintendo Switch currently available on the market.

Power Bank for Nintendo Switch: Which to Buy

The Nintendo Switch is a particular hybrid console that can be used both as a portable console and as a living room console. One of the strengths of the console is the possibility of being able to transport it anywhere. It allows you to play your favorite titles while maintaining excellent graphics quality. However, like all portable consoles, it has a battery that is strongly influenced by the title that is being played. For this reason, it is necessary to bring along accessories that allow the console to be recharged in times of need.

In addition to a good charger, it is advisable to purchase a Power Bank. These devices let you recharge the console even when a wall outlet is not available. The console is equipped with a USB Type-C port that allows quick charging with both the dock and the charger. The Nintendo Switch can be charged via a USB A> Type-C connection or a USB Type-C> Type-C connection. This type of connection allows you to keep the battery stable during the game as well as you will be able to load the console while you are playing.

Obviously, when purchasing this type of accessories, the capacity of the Power Bank must also be taken into consideration. The console is equipped with a 4310mAh battery. For this reason, it is advisable to purchase a Power Bank of at least 20,000mAh. This will allow you to recharge your console several times without the need for a wall outlet.

Best Power Bank for Nintendo Switch

AUKEY Power Bank 20000mAh

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AUKEY is a brand known to all and made famous by the excellent quality/price ratio of the products made. This Type-C Power Bank is no exception and maintains high standards. The form factor is that already seen dozens of times. Also, in this case, there are two charging sockets: a Micro USB port and a Type-C port. We find a Quick Charge 2.0 and a standard 2.4. Very welcome the presence of a small front light that could be useful in emergency situations.

RAVPower Power Bank 20000mAh

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As a second product, we propose a RAVPower Power Bank of 20,000mAh. It is equipped with a Micro USB input and a USB Type-C input. For a huge output and for devices to quickly power up, enjoy a combined 5V/3.4A output that meets the needs of smartphones and tablets. Each of the two iSmart ports provides the optimized charging experience for your device while allowing 5V/2.4A output per port. There is also LED indicator that shows you the remaining power of the Power Bank.

AUKEY Power Bank 20000mAh

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Are you looking for a compact Power Bank with a good capacity? Then this 20000mAh Power, Bank of AUKEY is the product that is defined for you. It is a product that makes design its strong point. It has a thickness of only 1.4 cm, which allows you to carry it anywhere without taking up valuable space in your backpack. The product features three USB-A ports, a Type-C port, a Lightning port, and a Micro USB port. This allows you to charge more than one device at the same time. We recommend using the Type-C output to charge the console.

RAVPower Power Bank 26800mAh

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If you usually travel a lot, you should buy a Power Bank with greater capacity. We offer you the purchase of this 26800mAh model made by RAVPower. This Power Bank is equipped with the USB Power Delivery certification, which allows supplying only the energy that the console actually needs. It is equipped with three USB 2.0 ports with a total output of 5.5 A. In addition, there are four LED indicators that provide information on the battery status. Its capacity allows you to recharge your Nintendo Switch several times before having to recharge the Power Bank.

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