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EasySMX VIP002S Gaming Headset Review

Perched atop at a corner on the top of a huge tower you wait to hold a sniper, watching through the 8x scope for the enemy’s head to line up with the crosshair. While you are trying hard to concentrate, the enemy actually sneaks up on you and swiftly pushes a machete through your body thereby causing instant death. How many times has this happened to you while playing your favorite FPS multi-player shooting game?

Ideally, all gamers would want to avoid such embarrassing situations. Hence, investing in a pair of good quality gaming headphones might make sense for any compulsive gamer. Today we return to take care of the audio department dedicated to Gamers enthusiasts, we will review the EasySMX VIP002S Gaming Headset. EasySMX is now one of the popular manufacturers in the gaming market, which is really very active in gaming accessories including Headphones, Gamepads, Mice and many more, where it has enjoyed considerable success in recent years.

Design and specifications

The EasySMX VIP002S is a budget gaming headset, but it is lavish and looks great. The predominantly black headset has RGB lighting accents at both earcups and multiple color combination looks striking.

The VIP002S is made of various materials including plastic, leather, and aluminum. The end result is a pair of headphones that looks and feels premium. Under the headband, lies a foam padding that is adjustable as well as bendable and provides comfort for long listening sessions. The EasySMX logo centerpieces on the back of the earcups and the pre-attached ear cushions are made of leather. The rest of the body is plastic.

A leather padding on the earcups is wide enough to accommodate even the largest of ear sizes. We found them to be rather comfortable for long listening sessions. This might come as a surprising assessment since the VIP002S might look heavy at first but it actually isn’t.

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The EasySMX VIP002S uses 40mm drivers and operates in the speaker sensitivity of 92dB±3dB. It has an impedance of 32 Ohms. All said and done, the VIP002S is a good-looking product with the right amount of oomph to attract attention.

It is attached to a 2M braided cable that looks pretty sturdy, a USB connector only, no 3.5mm jack. The USB is used to power the RGB lighting, as well as is also for audio input. Talking about EasySMX’ official communication states that it supports PCs, PS4 and Xbox One.

The RGB lighting which surrounds the dials on both the earcups and it can be controlled using the dial on the right earcup, while the volume level can be controlled using the dial on the left earcup. Rotating the dial changes the color of the lights and rotating it all the way till the end will activate the automatic color mode where the lighting fades to a different color automatically in a cyclic way.


The sound signature of the EasySMX VIP002S is not very different from that of other gaming headphones available in the market. However, we feel that the bass response is marginally better and the rumble sounds are more prominent.

We hooked up the VIP002S to our gaming PC. A USB compatible wired gaming headset with RGB lighting, just plug-and-play and works like charm. Before we get into the minute details of the sound quality for gaming, we want to state that the EasySMX VIP002S performs admirably in the lower end of the frequency spectrum. Especially in first-person shooters like Player’s Unknown Battleground (PUBG) and Fortnite, where the aural space is filled with a lot of rumble sounds (sub-bass sounds), the VIP002S showed its prowess. Sounds of heavy machine guns against the backdrop of collapsing environments sounded tight.

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We must say that we were happy with the sound quality, especially in GTA V. The sounds of guns firing and vehicles zipping past us on the freeway as the radio plays in the background in GTA V were accurately captured by the headset. Some of this game’s missions provide the perfect setup for a great background soundtrack to kick in when there is a gunfight. The experience was heightened by the fact that the VIP002S performs admirably in the music department. We think the EasySMX VIP002S is also great for racing games as the purr of car engines sound great, which makes gameplay more immersive.

What works in the favor of the VIP002S’s bass performance is the wide soundstage as it doesn’t interfere with other frequencies when they kick in. However, this also helped us identify that the mid-range is quite subdued and doesn’t peak as much as we would have liked. We used the microphone in a multi-player game and our partner has not received any complaints about hearing our voice. So, we did not see any major problem with the microphone.

Final line

EasySMX is on the right track with the VIP002S RGB gaming headset, the company has managed to create a great headset, which is a good fit in your gaming arsenal. The EasySMX VIP002S RGB gaming headset is a really good buy for gamers who play a lot of FPS multi-player shooting games or the games with bombastic set-piece action sequences. The asking price of $35 on its official website or Amazon is not too expensive either.

However, this headset may not be best suited for music and movies. In any case, the EasySMX VIP002S gaming headset is a good value-for-money proposition.

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