EasySMX V18 Wired Gaming Mouse Review: Gaming With Precision

The gaming gear market this year is still extremely exciting as various manufacturers are constantly launching their strategic cards with the desire to gain more market share than other competitors despite the hotness of the game. This market is somewhat stalled.


PC gaming is serious business, so much so that competitive gamers will do anything it takes to get the headshot every single time. For this reason and more, gamers need gaming mouse with high dpi ratings for better precision.

We have received a few new things from EasySMX and one of them is this gaming mouse. This kind of product caught our eye piqued and interest when we saw it online and we think the price was around $10 one of the highlight of the device.


EasySMX is a company that manufactures quite affordable gaming accessories and products with a good quality. Although still quite a new brand for us, EasySMX also won the hearts of many gamers in terms of the design, performance and cost of the product.

EasySMX V18 wired gaming mouse introduced a few years ago, is aimed at such gamers – the kind who carry their own peripherals to a LAN party. EasySMX send us the V18 wired gaming mouse for review, and after playing around with them (quite literally) for a while, we have our opinion.


The EasySMX V18 looks like something out of Tron, with a slick design and red LED illuminates once the mouse boot. It’s deceptively light compared to other gaming mice, making swift movements easy to pull off. That said, if you’re used to heavier mice, don’t be surprised if you end up flinging it off the desk as we found ourselves doing.

While the EasySMX V18 wired gaming mouse may look like it’s made of flimsy plastic, using it will dispel that notion. It’s surprisingly durable and is built to last, featuring up to 9 switches: “Right”, “Left”, “Fire”, “Sniper” “Forward, “Backward”, the scroll wheel and the (+/-) DPI buttons. Each of its 9 buttons has a satisfying click, and the sensitivity can be personalised between 400 to 4000 DPI.

Weightiness (or lack thereof) aside, the EasySMX V18 favours those who prefer using a claw grip. What this means is, if you’re the sort who uses a mouse with your hand clamped to resemble a claw, you’ll be just fine. But if you’re the sort who uses your palm, there isn’t that much room, thanks to its low profile and light frame.

Your fingers aren’t forced into specific position though, making it easy to use. Even if you favor holding your mouse with your palm, there’s a fair amount of flexibility for you to adjust your grip and use it as it was intended to be used.

You can just set-up and play, it’s literally just plug-and-play device no software needed, and the getting started manual is simple enough to follow. But if you are a hardcore gamer and want to remap the buttons you can also download software from the EasySMX website, and program the buttons, so you’ll have a different configuration for specific games. The software is quite similar to other gaming mice software and supposed to get new updates occasionally.

A scroll wheel sits in between the left and right buttons, and below it there is a DPI Clutch button which allows you to switch DPI levels on the fly. A large EasySMX logo is placed below the DPI switch, and it lights up in bright red.

There are three strips on the top, which also have LEDs under them that act as a vague indicator of the DPI level as you cycle through them. There are three programmable buttons on the right, where your thumb naturally rests. At the bottom of the mouse is located a removable cover for a designated storage with 5 metal weights. The weights affect the response / speed which is critical for gamers. Each of the weights weighs 5 grams, and you can use the mouse with None / Some / All of the weights.

Using the mouse is easy and it feels very comfortable. The fairly low lift distance of around 3mm is great for players who often reposition their hands to line up shots without the crosshair moving wildly. The smooth movement of the optical tracking is an added advantage.

Final line

At first glance, $10 for the EasySMX V18 wired gaming mouse (purchase link), isn’t seem way too high. You have to actually experience them. If you can get past their wacky design, you’ll realize that their looks belie their utility.

It is well-constructed and is built to weather a substantial amount of wear and tear. It is easy to use and the 4000dpi sensitivity is great for precision gaming. For the competitive gamer who is able to live with their appearance, it is smart alternatives to the slew of serious looking, similarly priced gaming peripherals available. EasySMX gaming mouse is good investments if you are particularly into FPS and MMO games.

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