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Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Tiny PC with an Intel Core i9 Alder Lake SoC

Lenovo has announced the ThinkStation P360 Tiny, a small form factor desktop computer designed for use primarily in the corporate segment. The Lenovo tiny PC is enclosed in a case with dimensions of 183 × 178 × 38 mm. The new Lenovo mini PC is powered by the Intel Alder Lake processor. The maximum configuration includes a 12th generation Core …

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Lenovo Thinkcentre M75n Tiny Mini PC with Ryzen CPU, Now on Amazon

With the Thinkcentre M75n, Lenovo has introduced a new desktop PC that takes up extremely little space. Nevertheless, the ultra-compact Lenovo mini PC offers considerable performance and features. Alternatively, there is also the passively cooled Thinkcentre M75n IoT to the portfolio. If you have little space on your desk, you will soon find a particularly space-saving solution in retail with the Lenovo Thinkcentre M75n. …

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano: Compact, Useful, but Pricy Mini Desktop PC

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano is a useful mini PC that has enough power for everyday tasks, office work, and media enjoyment. However, at the same, this Lenovo tiny mini desktop PC is not much faster than similarly well-equipped Ultrabooks. Considering the high price between $500 to $1300 listed on Amazon, and also the need for an external monitor, an …

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