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3 Legged Thing introduced Two Camera Tripods: Ray and Bucky

3 Legged Things from the UK specializes in producing premium quality camera tripods and other accessories for photo and video. Today we have news of two new tripods called “Ray” and “Bucky”. This is one of the few companies that gives their products funny names, but in addition to the cool names, both tripods have a stylish and easily recognizable design. The …

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Peak Design launches Bottle Size Travel Tripod in Aluminum and Carbon

Ginichi Co., Ltd. released the compact Peak Design travel tripod in two versions: Aluminum and Carbon. The peculiarity of these camera tripods is that their design is such that their sizes are reduced to the dimensions of a “plastic bottle” when folded. Peak Design had spent more than four years to redesign this tripod from the ground up, creating a …

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Manfrotto Tripods: Best ones to Buy

Manfrotto Tripods

In every guide related to camera tripods, we will surely mention the best Manfrotto tripods, essential accessories for photography that should never be missing in your equipment. Whether you are amateur or professionals photographers, you should ensure that you have a tripod always available during your photo expeditions. The camera tripod task is not just to stabilize the camera when …

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Best Camera Tripod: Which One I Should Buy

Best Camera Tripod

Improve the quality of your camera clicks and the stability of the captured shots, thanks to a camera tripod. Let’s see together what your attention deserves. One of the key tools that level up of your photography skill is the camera tripod, unlike our hands allows greater stability during shooting. Although it involves a greater expenditure in terms of mobility, …

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