3 Legged Thing introduced Two Camera Tripods: Ray and Bucky

3 Legged Things from the UK specializes in producing premium quality camera tripods and other accessories for photo and video. Today we have news of two new tripods called “Ray” and “Bucky”. This is one of the few companies that gives their products funny names, but in addition to the cool names, both tripods have a stylish and easily recognizable design. The camera tripods are available in two colors – Earthen Bronze with Ocean Blue or Metallic Shale Gray.

camera tripods

Both camera tripods are supplied with the new “AirHed Vu” tripod ball head, in addition to its stylish appearance, which has a vision window allows you to see the internal mechanism that locks the ball in place, and an Arca-type quick release plate is included for connecting the head to cameras and lenses.

Both “Ray” and “Bucky” tripods are not only beautiful, but also durable – they can mount cameras and other equipment weighing up to 30 kg. The tripod legs are made from 8 layers of carbon fiber, all legs can be removed and turned into a tabletop tripod stand. You can also unscrew any leg and turn it into a monopod.

The company says the legs are equipped with a new type of twist locks, with special spacers that provide a tactile grip to turn the lock and release each tube.

Ray Tripod


This is the smaller of the two tripods, only 35.6 cm when folded, the maximum height with the “AirHed Vu” head is 128 cm. The tripod design consists of 5-section legs and a detachable 2-section center rod. With the “AirHed Vu” ball head installed, the tripod weighs 1.62 kg, 1.27 kg for the legs. 

Bucky Tripod 


The Bucky tripod is larger, but the company still markets it as a travel tripod. It features a 5-section leg design that folds around a 3-section center boom. With the AirHead Vu attached, the tripod is 41 cm long, the maximum height the camera can be raised is 1.89 m, and it can also be lowered just 11 cm from the ground.

The Bucky tripod also has detachable legs, and as an option, you can order a changeable “shoe”. It is also possible to connect any of the legs to the removable B-Pillar to create a monopod. The weight of the tripod with the “AirHed Vu” head is 1.87 kg.

Price and availability

The new 3 Legged Thing “Ray” and “Bucky” travel tripods are expected to be available this month, but they are already available for pre-order on the BH Photo website:

  • Legends Ray Tripod: $349.99
  • Legends Ray Tripod with AirHed VU Ball Head Kit: $429.99
  • Legends Bucky Tripod: $469.99
  • Legends Bucky Tripod with AirHed VU Ball Head Kit: $549.99
  • AirHed Vu: $169.99

Back in March, Peak Design has introduced a travel tripod in two versions: Aluminum and Carbon. The peculiarity of these camera tripods is that their design is such that their sizes are reduced to the dimensions of a “plastic bottle” when folded.

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