Sony WF-SP800N Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

The WF-SP800N is actually active noise cancelling earbuds designed for Sony’s sports-savvy users. A unique design that adheres strongly to your ears, given the extravagant vivid sound quality of the ExtraBass, the Sony WF-SP800N is equipped with an impressive 13h battery life and with a variety of attractive colors, which you can like as per your personality and daily usage.

active noise cancelling earbuds

At $200, SP800N is the link between the recently launched WF-XB700 (REVIEW) and its WF-1000XM3 true wireless top. This also means that SP800 owns all the distinctive features from active noise cancellation, IP55 dust, and water resistance to the strong sound quality, which is characteristic of the ExtraBass series.

Design and Control

With a relatively compact design, Sony WF-SP800N feels comfortable and firmly attached to in your ears thanks to the addition of different sizes of ear tips and ear hook to fit many people and serve well for fitness and sports needs. Choosing ear tips for proper ear size is also an important part, has a direct impact on the bass of the headphones, you should experience different size tips to get good sound insulation, good active noise control and also a good Bass.

Sony WF-SP800N review

We listened to the WFSP800N continuously for 2 hours just to see if there was an earache, sometimes we even took a break to rest the ear and then put it back on. So the results were quite clear that we did not feel any pain in the ears or head even after 2 hours.

The contact on the headset is large enough for users to perform swipe operations so that it is easy and accurate. We appreciate this because touch manipulation and control are more difficult, but in the case of using SP800N everything is perfect.

active noise cancelling earbuds

Apart from touch, Sony also equipped with a voice assistant so that users can easily use hands-free. In addition, low latency is also a plus point of the SP800N, equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and a true wireless protocol for stable connectivity.

Battery and Features

The SP800N’s charging box has the same direction as the WF-1000XM3 and provides 1 more charge for the headset. Don’t worry, as the total usage time including this charger is up to 26 hours for normal use and up to 18 hours for continuous noise cancellation. It can be said that after the Powerbeats Pro (see a Comparison with Aipods Pro), this is actually a truly wireless earbud, which has the highest battery life on a single charge.

active noise cancelling earbuds

Certainly, sports headphones must be waterproof, and Sony has equipped the WF-SP800N noise cancelling ear buds with IP55 water and dust resistance standards. This means that it will not be wet by soil and rain and sweat, and this is very important for hardcore athletes, such as people who like to go for trail running, mountain climbing.

Apart from waterproof, Sony also brings it with Active Noise Cancellation. Active noise cancelling earbuds are very useful for people who always work out in Gym because it will help eliminate the noise around you so you can enjoy your favorite music. However, it is still not enough, Sony also equipped with an additional Ambient Sound Mode to help users can listen to their surroundings to ensure safety when participating in outdoor sports such as cycling, running, etc. In addition, to optimize these features, you should combine them with the Sony Headphones Connect app to adjust.


Under the ExtraBass line, you’ll easily recognize the SP800N’s specialty is a roaring bass. Bass is especially important when playing sports because it makes you energized, refreshed, and makes the fire inside you more energetic which helps us give our best performance. Bass is good, but in terms of detail and space, the SP800N is fine for long-term listening, without being overbearing.

active noise cancelling earbuds

Sony has cleverly combined a comfortable design with balanced sound quality so that users can use music continuously for long periods of time and still feel comfortable.

Personally, we think it is very appropriate to use this active noise cancelling earbuds to go to the gym. While listening to Rock music many users often complain about the Bass quality of the AirPods/AirPods Pro, the EDM should not have complemented the gym, here the SP800N would be an effective option. His bass is enough to make Airpods/Airpods Pro’s bass lively and magic in trance, house, trap tracks.

In addition, the active noise cancellation function will help the earbuds to load more than Airpods 1 and 2, because normally for two headphones from Apple, they are earbuds so they do not have the good sound tightness as in-ear headphones.

active noise cancelling earbuds

When listening to music in the gym, such as the sounds of the external environment will overwrite the music of the headphones, then we need to increase its volume to listen to music, so that the eardrum tolerates great sound pressure, will damage hearing in the long run.

Final line

In short, if you are a sports enthusiast, the Sony WF-SP800N active noise cancelling earbuds will definitely be a great partner for you whether it be rain or dust or sweat, it is not afraid.

Although we’ve heard of plenty of truly wireless earphones priced under $200, we’ve always been skeptical of whether they can sound good and work well. Sony has shown that it is possible to sell good audio products at surprisingly low prices. These earbuds are surprisingly good for the price, and definitely the best pair of truly wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation you can buy at $148 on with up to $50 OFF. Or you can purchase it for $198 via and online stores.

With a combination of good design, useful specifications, and clean, enjoyable sound, the WFSP800N pretty much gets everything right considering its price. It offers an overall experience that several options that cost twice as much struggle to give. If you’re shopping for a very affordable new pair of truly wireless earbuds, this should definitely be on your list.

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