Slot Machine Cheats that Work

Whether you play slots in an online casino or a land casino, we’re sure you’d love to find some slot machine cheats that work. Who wouldn’t? Slots might be more on the digital side of things now, but online slot games attract as many wanna-be cheats as all other casino games – play today.

Slot Machine Cheats that Work Play Today

And, understandably so. Slots can bring in a lot of money from stakes alone, but it’s with the jackpot slots you can find the biggest payouts. We don’t recommend you try these at an online casino or land casino yourself, they’re just super-interesting to know about! Read on for slot machine cheats that work.

  1. Shaved Coins Slot Machine Cheat

We all like a nice clean shave, and that includes the cheaters among us. Technological advances have made it so slot machines can use light sensor technology to register payment with slots. Indeed, this optic sensor works in a large amount of slots, separately from the physical component of the slot machine.

This means that were a shaved coin to go into the slot machine with an object matching the shape and size of the stake coin simultaneously, the shaved would return. Meaning that the other object in the slot machine would stay put and start to the gameplay.

  1. Light Wand Slot Machine Cheat

This slots cheat comes from one of the most notorious cheats in the history of the casino and slot machine industry. Tommy Glenn Carmichael came up with the light wand slot machine cheat, and it’s quite the invention. Carmichael used this light wand to win jackpot slots. The light wand manipulated the outcome of the slot machine with ease.

But just how did a light wand work? This slot machine cheat was effective as it would essentially “blind” the optic sensor within the slot machine which made it unable to work out a vital element of slots. How many coins had been deposited. This meant the slot machine wouldn’t know how much to pay out, or when.

  1. Piano Wire Slot Machine Slot Cheat

In the world of slots cheats, this is an infamous one invented by a group of men who worked in the same team at the Regency Casino, Atlantic City, 1982. Targeting a particular fruit slot machine, one of the men attached a 20 inch piano wire to the inside of the slot machine. It jammed the clock which measured reel rotations.

This is an important element of any slots, as it’s literally what spins the reels with traditional fruit slot machines. This wire meant the group could manipulate the spins, and all in all, they hit a $50,000 jackpot. Sadly though, as one might expect, the whole thing was caught on camera, so this slot machine cheat never made it much further than that.

Slot Machine Cheats Conclusion

So there you have it. Slot machine cheats that work. Don’t get caught out trying any of these though – not that you could anyway, as these would only really work in a land casino. Either way, why not head to your nearest online casino today and enjoy slots safely?

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