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Samsung Galaxy A32 Review: Small Things Emerged

If you have to name some of Samsung’s most iconic smartphones from the beginning of 2021 to the present day, the Samsung Galaxy A32 is the next bright name, in addition to the Galaxy S21 5G series. Are you wondering why the Samsung A32 5G? If so, please join our Samsung Galaxy A32 review to find out the answer!

Samsung Galaxy A32 Review


The most convincing answer to the original question is probably the Samsung Galaxy A32’s looks. Looking at the design of this phone, you will definitely realize that it comes from the house of Samsung. This year, Samsung no longer uses the same design for all product segments but has more flexible changes to create a unique highlight.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A32 has a fairly well-proportioned ‘body’ with a weight of 184 grams. Personally, when we first took it into our hands, we were quite surprised as the phone is relatively light. So if you regularly use a smartphone for a long period of time, this ‘weight’ is appropriate to limit hand fatigue.

Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

Samsung still uses monolithic design language with rounded edges for the Samsung A32. The surround and the back of the phone are made of fake shiny gloss plastic. Needless to say, the Samsung Galaxy A32 is sure to bring a sense of grip when holding it and is more comfortable when you use it to play games. But of course, the occurrence of fingerprints on its back is unavoidable.

On the front, the Samsung Galaxy A32 uses a small notch screen to house the selfie camera. Personally, we would still expect our smartphones to be equipped with a hole-punch display. However, the above screen helps the Samsung A32 5G reduce production costs and reach users with more attractive prices. The bezels around the screen are relatively sized, not too thick, but also very thin, enough to bring a 6.4-inch frame to the user.

The special attraction on the Samsung Galaxy A32 that we were very impressed with is the back panel. This year, Samsung seems to be taking special care of its camera design and we predict that the next products will feature equally unique rear lens clusters.

Going back to the design of the Samsung Galaxy A32, the four-camera module of this smartphone will not be completely convex as we often see in smartphones. Instead, the lens will stick out one at a time, so we’ll have a very smooth dorsal surface. It is guaranteed to be a design that does not ‘hit’ any smartphone company today!

In general, the Samsung Galaxy A32 strongly impresses us with its balanced, unique appearance and equally dynamic colors.


Turning to the front, the Galaxy A32 does not have too many features. We still have a screen with a ‘water drop’ design (or in Samsung’s language Infinity-U) with fairly thick bezels around the screen, which is easy to understand because it is just a mid-range device from Samsung. In turn, this screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and supports fingerprint sensors under the screen.

Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

Today the entertainment demand of most users is very high, even us. And we were really surprised when Samsung equipped the Samsung A32 with a screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It also has a Super AMOLED panel with a 6.4-inch in size, Full HD+ resolution (1,080 x 2,400 pixels), and a brightness of 800 nits.

Certainly, we had a great entertainment experience with the Galaxy A32 screen, we felt the best 90 Hz refresh rate (although not equal to 120 Hz, it is at least better than a 60 Hz screen).

Is the Samsung Galaxy A32 a Mid-Range Gaming Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

We are confident that the chip inside the Samsung A32 5G will excite many gamers. Samsung has chosen MediaTek Helio G80 as the main processor for this smartphone. MediaTek once introduced it as a ‘premium’ chipset in the mid-range segment and focused on improving performance during gaming. Therefore, we are quite excited to test the game on this phone, which we will study in a different Samsung Galaxy A32 review article in detail.


Apart from the impressive design, the Quad rear camera module on the Samsung A32 also attracts users. Let’s briefly see Samsung Galaxy A32 review its camera below:

  • Wide-angle camera: 64 MP resolution, f/1.8 aperture.
  • Super wide-angle camera: 8 MP resolution, f/2.2 aperture.
  • Macro camera: 5 MP resolution, f/2.4 aperture.
  • Depth of field: 5 MP resolution, aperture f/2.4.
Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

Because we know that the Samsung Galaxy A32 has four powerful cameras: 64 MP main camera, 8 MP super wide-angle camera, 5 MP macro camera, and 2 MP camera for depth of field. Especially the macro camera can serve the purpose of shooting today.

Talking about these cute little flowers, these flowers are always loved by many photographers. It seems, but the vitality is strong, rising everywhere, from the Terai to the mountains. Yet each photo is an art.

To capture these flowers, we use a macro camera and the main camera, removing the Samsung A32 5G font and focusing on the subject, which looks very panoramic. Although the limbs are small but still clearly visible under the camera lens.

Samsung Galaxy A32 Review

Virgin-flowers are nested on the shore with torus flowers. As their name suggests, they show their bright purple colors as if they wanted to be photographed by us. Using the Galaxy A32’s macro camera, we captured each of the shy petals very clearly.

The wind was shaking the branches, so it was a little difficult for us to take pictures. Publicly commented, we found the Galaxy A32 to be a bit slow to focus. Okay, press quickly, try to look quickly but wait to concentrate, you will miss the moment. Oh, God has blessed us so we have also taken some interesting pictures of grass.

We saw some kites stuck in electric wire. We used 2x zoom to see this scene more clearly, it seemed like a forgotten fun like we lost somewhere in childhood. Under a clear blue sky.

For some reason, we like these kinds of shots very much, it gives a feeling of weird freshness and serenity. The treetops are quite high, so when zooming in again, each leaf is difficult to see clearly, but the A32 leaves the overall image quality quite spellbound.

In this season a golden flower blooms in a single corner of the sky. How nice it would be to have the camera pan above the golden yellow scallops, sit under an umbrella of fresh yellow scallops and enjoy a little peace.

According to the wind, each golden scallop petal falls to the ground. We plucked a flower of the torus, placing it on the petals of the golden scallop to further illuminate the subject. Oh, an ant crawling on the petals of a limb. Well, at the moment, we were used macro mode, so we took a very clear shot of that ant.

As always, taking some pictures of the sunset is mandatory. We inadvertently set up the camera to take sunset photos. A completely backlit image, specter only. One photo clearly shows the landscape and the sun. Overall quite like it. One round of shooting finishes.

In general, the Samsung Galaxy A32 camera has clear picture quality, brilliant colors suitable for stunning photography. Although supporting 2x optical zoom, we find that the image quality is not really good, sharpness is not as high as 1x, but still retains the level of subject background removal during close-up shooting.

We really felt a delay in focusing on the A32, the camera’s shutter speed was not very fast, but there was still a defocus limit. Surprisingly, the macro camera is very good, yet retains the “Seniors” style. With this camera set, we think you’re spoiled for creativity.

Final line

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A32 is a mid-range smartphone that we appreciate. Back panel with unique design, impressive processor, and four camera clusters that cannot be ignored. Samsung Galaxy A32 price is $308.99 for the unlocked international variant and is now available to buy on and websites.

Updated on 24th March 2021: It is now also available to pre-order on the website for $269.99.

And what you thought about the Samsung Galaxy A32 review, leave a comment below!

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