Pixii A2572+ rangefinder camera pre-order price and release date

The French company Pixii officially introduced the 2023 Pixii+ M-mount rangefinder camera (Pixii A2572+) last year, and it is currently open for pre-order on the B&H photo store. According to the manufacturer, this new Pixii range finder features an upgraded viewfinder with a new optical and mechanical design, along with a unique interactive screen.

Pixii A2572+ price and release date

While the new Pixii camera maintains the design and most features of its predecessor, it receives two significant updates. Firstly, the rangefinder base’s length increases by 13.5 millimeters, allowing for more precise focusing and accommodating larger lenses up to 72 millimeters, sufficient for most Leicas.

Moreover, the viewfinder now includes lenses with a magnetic attachment, enabling compensation for diopters or image magnification. Users can easily attach these adapters to the Leica M11.

The 2023 Pixii digital rangefinder camera boasts a 26MP APS-C sensor with ISO ranging from 160 to 12800 and a 64-bit image processor. Shutter speeds span from 2 to 1/32000 sec, and it comes equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0 modules.

Pixii+ introduces a new software version to complement its enhancements, offering Auto ISO as a new exposure mode. This, combined with the standard A mode, allows beginners to focus on manual focusing while letting the camera handle the rest. The mobile app now includes the focus and zoom function, making the learning process more accessible.

The latest software version offers a clearer JPEG preview and runs on a Sony NP-FW50 battery. Constructed from metal, the camera body weighs 460 grams.

Pixii A2572+ price and release date

The Pixii+ comes with various internal memory options, with pricing set at $2,999 for 16 GB, $3,159 for 32 GB, $3,269 for 64 GB, and $3,399 for 128 GB. It is currently open for pre-order on the Bhphotovideo.com website, offering two body color options, with a scheduled release date of February 1, 2024.

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