Sony SRS-XV500 Portable Speaker Designed to Rock Party

Sony introduces its latest portable party rocker, the SRS-XV500, featuring X-Balanced Speaker Unit technology for enhanced bass and integrated “party atmosphere” lighting. The splash-resistant and environmentally friendly chassis adds to the appeal.

Sony SRS-XV500 price and release date

The updated X-Series Wireless now includes a new party quality variant, the partybox, designed to bring fun anywhere with dual tweeters and speakers. The new party rocker wireless speakers with EXTRA BASS come in a compact 10.59 x 22.20 x 11.57-inch format.

The handle and physical controls on the SRS-XV500 facilitate easy setup and transport. Sony highlights the ability to activate a karaoke mode by connecting 1-2 microphones and utilizing the optional rear-facing Echo and Key controls.

The portable speaker supports USB Type-A (for charging and data) and guitar inputs, enabling Bluetooth streaming and wireless control through the Sony Music Center or Fiestable apps. Notably, the speaker lacks a USB-C connector, but Sony promotes the 25-hour battery as fast-charging, providing “up to 2.5 hours of listening time” after just a 10-minute charge.

The ambient lighting of the partybox complements the mood of any environment, and its straightforward, clean design seamlessly integrates into any room. Take command of the party with the Sony Music Center app, allowing you to optimize audio settings, choose playlists, queue the next song, and manage Party Connect.

Following the new IPX4 standard, Sony markets the SRS-XV500 as crafted from recycled plastic developed by the company, making it the first in its range with this feature.

Sony SRS-XV500 price and release date

Pre-orders for this BT party rocker are currently available on for $398, with a release date set for February 17, 2024.

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In a similar vein, JBL has recently revealed a lineup of retro-inspired speakers, including the JBL Authentics 200, JBL Authentics 300, and JBL Authentics 500. These speakers seamlessly blend vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, featuring smart assistant integration and the ability to establish wireless multiroom audio setups concurrently.

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