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Panasonic announces FZ950 and FZ800 OLED TV with HDR10+ | Video

Updated on January 15, 2018:

The new Panasonic OLED TVs will be compatible with the Autocal feature found in Portrait Display’s CalMAN software. As for the 2017 range, an automatic calibration of the display can be performed. To use it you will need a CalMAN license, a PC, a calibration tool and a signal generator (which can also be a PC). The connection between PC and TV should be via Wi-Fi.

Panasonic has also released the video presentation of the new series. Availability is scheduled for June 2018.

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Panasonic has introduced two new OLED TV ranges at CES 2018: FZ950 and FZ800 series, which will be joined the 77″ EZ1000 series, was released in 2017.

panasonic oled tv 2018

In terms of design, there are no too many changes: the two series offer similar solutions to those used for TV last year, obviously revisited with some changes. A 55″ and 65″ Ultra HD OLED panels manufactured by LG. Panasonic speaks to improvements in the peak brightness and in the coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, even if at present they are not quantified with numerical data. From the EZ1000 series comes the Absolute Black filter, used to absorb the reflections of light in the environment, to improve the black level and eliminate the color change to magenta that can occur in high ambient light conditions. Last year this filter was missing in EZ950 TV.

Also, the HCX processor has been renewed and is now able to support HDR in HDR10, HLG and HDR10+ formats with dynamic metadata. The Dynamic Scene Optimizer uses a kind of artificial intelligence to dynamically re-create metadata, even when using HDR10 sources with static metadata. The advantage consists, according to Panasonic, in the possibility of optimizing the content rendering. The approach should be similar to that used also on LG OLEDs. HDR Brightness Enhancer instead, it aims to improve the viewing experience in bright environments. This function works (automatically or manually) in synergy with the ambient light sensor, so as to preserve the vision of those who created the contents in HDR even when the ambient light rises.

Panasonic FZ950
Panasonic FZ950

To ensure maximum color fidelity, the Dynamic LUT (Look-Up Table) was introduced, a system that dynamically remaps colors according to the contents shown on the screen. The HCX processors analyze the average brightness of each scene and load the LUT (a sort of table that allows correcting the color reproduction) more appropriate for that particular situation. The dynamic LUT operates on a greater number of points than the 2017 models: it should go from 17x17x17 to 20x20x20. Panasonic talks about concrete advantages especially in the reproduction of half-tones, with images that appear much more natural.

Panasonic FZ800
Panasonic FZ800

The Panasonic Smart TV platform has been updated to My Home Screen 3.0. What’s new is more freedom granted in terms of personalization, a faster processor and therefore a smooth user experience and some interface changes. Great news for video game fans too: Panasonic promises improvements in the response time, with an input lag that should be at the lowest levels in the category. For those who delight with the calibration of the TV, there will be new settings: very interesting that this will allow making adjustments to 2.5 and 5% of luminance.

All the equipment described up to now is in common between FZ950 and FZ800. To differentiate the two series is the audio section: Panasonic FZ950 is equipped with an integrated soundbar similar to the one that equips the EZ1000 series. This is a Dynamic Blade developed by Technics. The new OLEDs will not have HDMI 2.1 and HFR (High Frame Rate). Therefore, images over 60 frames per second cannot be displayed. No further details on pricing and availability.


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