Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT lens with Zero-Distortion Advantage

Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT lens is a unique and versatile lens for Micro Four Thirds standard cameras. This Laowa micro four thirds has a fast f2 aperture, which is great for low-light photography and provides a shallow depth of field for creative control over your shots. Its main selling point, however, is its extremely wide field of view, with a focal length equivalent to 12mm on a full-frame camera. This makes it ideal for landscape, architectural, and interior photography, where capturing a large area in a single frame is important.

Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT

One of the key features of the Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT M43 is its design. This means that the lens is designed to minimize distortion, which is particularly important when shooting architecture and landscapes. The lens also has a manual focus design, which allows for precise control over your focus and depth of field. The aperture ring is also manual, providing an authentic, hands-on shooting experience.

The build quality of the Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT lens is solid, with a metal construction and weather-sealed design that makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions. The lens is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

In terms of image quality, the Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT lens is excellent. It produces sharp, clear images with vibrant color reproduction. The fast f2 aperture ensures that your shots are well-exposed, even in low-light conditions. The lens also performs well in terms of chromatic aberration and vignetting, with minimal color fringing and dark corners.

Price and availability

Venus Optics Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT lens has been priced at $499 and is finally listed on the online store.

Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT specifications

Laowa 6mm f2 Zero-D MFT
  • Focal Length: 6mm
  • Angle of View: 121.9°
  • Mounts: MFT
  • Aperture Range: f/2-16
  • Format Compatibility: M43 Format
  • Lens Structure: 13 elements in 3 groups
  • Aperture Blades: 5
  • Min. Focusing Distance: 9cm
  • Max. Magnification: 0.18X
  • Filter Thread: Ø58mm
  • Dimensions: Ø 61 x 52mm
  • Weight: 188g

Panasonic recently introduced a new, high-speed, wide-angle zoom lens called the Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 12-35mm F2.8 ASPH Power OIS for the Lumix G series, which corresponds to the Micro Four Thirds standard (MFT). It is reminiscent of the Lumix G camera models from Panasonic as well as Olympus cameras and other camera models with MFT mount.

It is available to pre-order on and for $899.99 and will be released on February 24, 2023.

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