Gaming PC Cases: Which to Buy and Why

Are you looking for a new gaming case for your desktop computer? Let’s see together which are the best models available today.

Best Gaming PC Cases

This thing is often considered completely as the aesthetic element, which further refines our PC gaming experience. Obviously, we are talking about the Gaming PC cases, a creative, flexible and very important component. It is essential to protect the internal components from dust and shocks, but above all, it must guarantee an excellent airflow, so that the air circulation guarantees adequate temperatures.

In this guide, we will see how to carefully choose a new gaming PC case and which are the best models currently available on the market.

How to choose a Gaming PC Cases

Often we underestimate the choice of parts to be adopted in their construction. Most of the users are convinced that it is a purely aesthetic factor and that some touches of RGB LEDs increase the FPS in play.

You can make the most performing builds in the world, but if you do not choose a suitable case, you can safely say goodbye to most of the performance. In fact, a respectable model will have a large enough space and an excellent airflow must be guaranteed. So the choice of our model is based mainly on these two aspects.

A large case allows us to install all the various components in complete freedom and create a clean and tidy cable management. Furthermore, an excellent air flow helps to guarantee an excellent air circulation and, therefore, an adequate heat dissipation. Furthermore, the presence of dust filters is a common feature of almost all such cases.

The material and build quality also affect our choice. A case must be solid and well crafted, in order to last over time and not to spoil easily. In addition, a solid case helps to better protect the precious internal components.

Obviously, there are also other secondary aspects to consider. First of all is the presence or absence of the DVD player, an element that can occupy a lot of useful space. For this reason, if we have to use the PC purely for gaming, we can do without this component.

Last, but not least, is the aesthetic factor. It is a purely personal aspect that varies from individual to individual. Some people prefer an aggressive design full of RGB LEDs and those who prefer a sober and elegant case.

Thermaltake Versa H15

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One of the best gaming PC cases in the budget segment. It combines build quality and simple design in one product. The Thermaltake Versa H15 is a Mini Tower that is not bulky.

Inside the motherboards can be inserted up to the micro-ATX format, graphics cards with length up to 315 mm and heatsinks with height up to 155mm. In addition, we also include a 120mm fan at the back, with the possibility of inserting up to 5.

As we said earlier, the dimensions of this product are really compact, we speak of 41.1 x 19.8 x 37.8 cm. At the top are the various buttons, two 3.5mm jack inputs, a USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port.

Basically, it is a case dedicated to those who want to create an entry-level PC with compact dimensions and simple design. It is also available transparent side version.

Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5

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It is a Mid Tower case with relatively compact dimensions. The MasterBox Pro 5 from Cooler Master supports mini-ATX, micro-ATX and ATX motherboards. It aims to be the best PC cases in the budget segment, offered at a truly aggressive price. The outcome? He succeeds perfectly.

This model is very spacious and allows us to install all our components in peace. It is possible to install graphics cards up to 400mm long and heatsinks with a maximum height of 160mm. Moreover, thanks to the appropriate holes, it is possible to carry out a clean and tidy cable management.

In addition, a 120mm front fans with the possibility of adding another three a total of four fans. The customization level of this case is very welcome. It has a flexible mount and rearranges SSDs across the motherboard tray and on the back with the SSD bracket.

Complete the semi-transparent side panel, which lets us glimpse the components inside.


[amazon box=”B00NGMIBUU” /]

Are we looking for a compact design with excellent build quality? So this NZXT S340 is the model for us. NZXT is a leading company in the sector that for years has been offering its customers simple products, but with particular attention to even the smallest details.

It supports mini motherboards, micro, and ATX format. It is possible to install graphics cards with a maximum length of 364mm and a heatsink with a maximum height of 161mm,

With the presence of two 120mm fans, it includes directly in the price. The strong points of this product are certainly the materials, the build quality and the extreme attention to detail. Thanks to these characteristics, we can achieve a perfect build. The side panel lets us glimpse all the internal components.

In addition, the internal airflow is really good, able to always ensure proper air circulation.

Thermaltake Core P3

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This is a very different case compared to what we have seen so far. The Thermaltake Core P3 is mainly indicated for those who want to create a display configuration or those who want a build with all visible components. It is particularly suitable for builds with custom liquid cooling systems.

This is a Mid Tower case with the installing motherboards up to the ATX format. In addition, you can install graphics cards vertically thanks to extensions for PCIe cables. It is also equipped with a tempered glass front panel that protects the components.

As we said earlier, this is a case that is mainly dedicated to aesthetics and to those who want to show off their components. Obviously, being a high-end product, it has a really good construction quality.

BitFenix Enso

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This case is part of the new BitFenix product line. It is characterized by a really excellent build quality. The design is really very special. In fact, we find a large tempered glass side window that lets us glimpse the internal components, while on the front there are 4 RGB LED strips. You can customize the lighting effects via the button on the case or via ASUS’s Aura Sync.

It is a Tower case with the possibility of installing motherboards up to the ATX format, 120mm fans, one of which is already pre-installed inside, and radiators of up to 280mm. On the front and at the bottom there are anti-dust filters that help the correct airflow.

A very elegant case, dedicated to those who want the maximum build quality, without sacrificing an elegant design, but at the same time high-end gaming experience.

Cooler Master H500P

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It is one of the best gaming PC cases currently on the market. This Cooler Master H500P incorporates all the features we expect from high-end cases. It is a Mid Tower model with support for motherboards up to the ATX format. It allows us to install graphics cards with a maximum length of 412mm and heatsinks with a maximum height of 190mm.

On the front, we find two 200mm fans with RGB lighting, while on the back there is a 140mm fan. Both the side and front bulkheads are made of tempered glass, in order to visualize the internal components and admire the beauty of our build.

The cable management can be realized in a very orderly manner, also thanks to the comfortable coverings to put the various cables inside. In addition, you can also install the graphics card vertically.

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