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Best Underwater Camera: Which one to Buy

Best Underwater Camera

Have you ever thought about taking pictures of your vacation spots directly underwater? We discover the most suitable best underwater camera to carry out this task. Over time, compact cameras have been superseding modern smartphones. This happened due to the increasing photographic performance of mobile devices, which over the years have reached the first unattainable heights. Precisely for this reason, …

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USB Type-C Earphones: Best to Buy

Best USB Type-C Earphones

New smartphones without 3.5 audio jacks are no longer a problem, thanks to the USB Type-C earphones. One of the latest trends in the year of the 2017-2018 time period was the elimination of the 3.5mm audio jack in smartphones. The epochal turn was certainly marked by Apple, the first among the giants to present a new device (iPhone 7) …

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