Best Power Bank with Quick Charge: Which One Should I Buy

Is your smartphone compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology? So here are plenty of the best Power Bank with Quick Charge to make the most of it!

Best Power Bank with Quick Charge

This guide is intended to help you with the purchase of your next Power Bank with Quick Charge (Quick Charge 3.0) in order not only to spend the right but also to get the maximum benefits and performance for your smartphone. If your device is compatible with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology then you can take advantage of the following Power Banks to charge your smartphone (and other devices) very quickly and effectively!

Quick Charge: What is it?

Before seeing the best Power Bank available on the market, let’s take a closer look at the most popular rapid charge technology on the market: Quick Charge. With it is possible to charge the smartphone (or any compatible device) in less than half of the time using dedicated voltages and amperages, exploitable only if properly managed by the Qualcomm CPU, the charger, and the appropriate USB cable.

It comes to itself that to take advantage of the best Quick Charge we will have to focus on USB cables and certified chargers, as well as having a compatible smartphone. However, if you have a device with Quick Charge support directly from the manufacturer then you will most likely have found a cable and a power supply already compatible with this technology. Currently, this fast-charging technology has improved, even more, reaching its third generation – precisely Quick Charge 3.0 – which offers even faster recharge times.

How to Choose the Best Power Bank for You

If this is one of your first Power Bank or you do not know what to choose from, then before you see the best Power Bank with quick charge, we have selected for you, let’s see what criteria to choose before buying. In fact, everything depends on the device that you want to charge, and based on their specifications the choice is certainly easier:

Capacity: The ability of these Power Bank with quick charge is expressed in mAh just as the battery capacity of your devices. If you want to charge more than one, check that the capacity is enough to guarantee at least more than one full charge. For example, if you want to charge a 3000mAh smartphone and a 5000mAh tablet, having a total of 8000mAh you should ensure that you take at least one 10000mAh Power Bank.

USB INPUTS: But if you want to charge more devices (even simultaneously), you must verify that there are more USB inputs on your Power Bank. Usually, you will find at least one USB input with standard Quick Charge 3.0 and a second input (less powerful). It is not uncommon that you also need other types of inputs, such as Power Bank Type-C, useful to charge some compatible devices such as the latest iMac, or Power Bank Lightning for other Apple products such as iPhone or iPad.

Best Power Bank with Quick Charge

Have you verified that your smartphone is compatible with Quick Charge technology (usually you need a Qualcomm processor)? Well, then let’s see the best Power Bank with Quick Charge 3.0 choices from us. We remind you that all these portable battery chargers have been chosen based on their potential, reliability, reviews, and quality as well as price ratio!

Tqka Power Bank

[amazon box=”B06X9YLZ3Z” /]

Among the cheapest Power Bank Quick Charge 3.0 this Tqka is one of the best because it has a very slim design and the 10000mAh capacity, it is equipped with two inputs (one micro USB, and other Type-C) and a USB output, all compatible with Quick Charge technology.

Poweradd Pilot 2GS

[amazon box=”B06XDG238Q” /]

Similar to the previous one, but this portable battery charger with a much better design and capacity, this 10000mAh Power Bank is designed to fully charge your smartphone (on average) for at least 4 times, aided by two outputs, including a Quick Charge 3.0.

Jackery ThunderX

[amazon box=”B01IN9DGBO” /]

In a similar price segment, but with a higher capacity (20100mAh) this Jackery ThunderX boasts an output with QC 3.0 technology and a Type-C, while to recharge it you can use both the micro USB and Type-C inputs. It is also compatible with quick charge 1 and 2.

Aukey Power Bank

[amazon box=”B01IN9DGBO” /] [amazon box=”B071CQYBSN” /]

One of the most reliable brands in the industry is Aukey, which brings great experience and reliability. There are many external battery packs of the brand and each has different characteristics. Here at the top, you can see the two best models: the first from 20000mAh with dual USB input (only one QC 3.0) and Lightning input (Apple). The second instead, even more capacious – 26500mAh with dual USB input (one QC 3.0) and USB Type-C input.

Anker Power Bank

[amazon box=”B0194WDVHI” /] [amazon box=”B01N0X3NL5″ /]

Anker is one of the best brands for the Power Bank Quick Charge 3.0 for quality and price ratio, and also these 10000mAh and 20000mAh Power Banks can also boast some safety devices on current overload, short circuit and more. They have few inputs, only USB, but all compatible with Quick Charge 3.0!

RAVPower RP-PB043

[amazon box=”B019IFIJW8″ /]

Another great brand to rely on is RAVPower, which integrates so much technology for the safety of your devices coupled with three USB ports: a “standard” (but still fast) up to 2.4A, the other Quick Charge 3.0 and finally a Type-C for super-fast charging.

EC Technology Power Bank

[amazon box=”B072N27XTT” /]

EC Technology’s large Power Bank Quick Charge 3.0 has a capacity of 20,100mAh, if you want to charge multiple devices with a large capacity at the same time. It combines 3 USB ports, including a QC 3.0, which can be used simultaneously! This external battery pack is also available at a very affordable price.

iMuto Power Bank

[amazon box=”B01MSHO3NB” /]

But if you are serious about charging a device, then you will need iMuto 20000mAh power bank, which is able to recharge 2016 MacBook 1.5 times, iPhone 7 almost 7 times, iPhone 6s almost 8 times Galaxy S7 almost 4.5 times, iPad Air almost 2 times. In addition to the so much technology are combined 3 outputs: a USB QC 3.0, a 5V – 2.4A and a Type-C 5V-3A, for example, excellent for a Mac!

Xtorm XB201 / 202

[amazon box=”B01LW93LGS” /] [amazon box=”B01LW0FJU3″ /]

Xtorm certainly boasts products of excellence, it is understood from the price, but we had to admit its effectiveness and its excellent holding power are great! Do not miss anything at these Power Bank with fast charging.

Krisdonia Power Bank

[amazon box=”B074N1B15F” /]

And to top it off, here is a Krisdonia 50,000mAh power bank is perfect for those who travel a lot and can not often recharge the Power Bank, but above all that has so many devices to charge, including computers! Worth a look!


In our opinion, these were the best Power Bank with quick charge (Quick Charge 3.0) to buy! However, if you still cannot choose one and you want some advice, our choice would undoubtedly fall on one.

Best-selling Power Banks on Amazon

Finally, at the end of the best Power Bank with quick charge (Quick Charge 3.0), here is an updated list of the best sellers currently on Amazon! Obviously this does not mean that they are the best from the point of view of power or quality/price ratio, but in any case is the best sellers gives you a good confidence in their quality:

[amazon bestseller=”power bank” items=”10″]

If you have other Power Bank with quick recharge to report, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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