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Best Gaming Headset: Which One Should I Buy

Are you going to buy a new pair of gaming headphones for your gaming station? Let’s see together what is the best gaming headset available on the market.

best gaming headsets

Owning an excellent gaming headset is essential if we want to guarantee a good game performance. Very often, gaming headphones are considered a secondary accessory, which can be replaced by a normal pair of headphones. However, gaming headsets are on a par with a keyboard and mouse. They will affect strongly for better or worse performance, and they will be one of the components that will declare our victory or our defeat.

For this reason, it is important to carefully evaluate the purchase of new gaming headphones. In this guide, we will see how to choose the best gaming headset and which are the best gaming headphones currently available for purchase.

How to Choose Best Gaming Headset

There are many aspects to consider when buying new gaming headphones. Some are fundamental, while others are linked exclusively to our personal tastes.


The comfort is as important as audio quality that can guarantee. Being a product that we will wear during our long gaming sessions, it must guarantee excellent comfort. They also must not cause any annoyance to our ears and they must fit perfectly.

Audio quality

The quality of the guaranteed audio is a fundamental characteristic that distinguishes the products of excellent quality from those of poor quality. We must be able to hear every sound, every single noise. In this way, we will be able to feel the enemies and at the same time enjoy a truly immersive gaming experience.

Microphone quality

The microphone of the gaming headphones must be able to offer excellent quality. It is indispensable in games where dialogue between teams is essential.

Build quality

Obviously, an excellent gaming headset must have a good build quality. Nobody likes to buy a product and throw it away after a few months of use. For this reason, it is important to choose carefully these products, so that they can last over and prevent other expenses of money.

Dedicated buttons

Some models have dedicated buttons that allow us to manage the audio directly from the headphones themselves. This is a feature that we find from the mid-range models, as economic models hardly possess this additional feature.


The design is a feature that applies only to our tastes. Some users prefer an aggressive design with RGB LED lighting. Others prefer a simpler and sober style.

Best Gaming Headset: Which One Should I Buy

HyperX Cloud Stinger

[amazon box=”B01L2ZRYVE” /]

This is a pair of budget gaming headset with an excellent quality and price ratio. The headphones are very light and guarantee a good comfort during the gaming sessions. The ear-cups can be rotated up to 90-degrees. The adjustable slider is made of steel and guarantees a longer life over the years. There is also a handy slider that allows you to adjust the volume of the sound directly from the headphones. The microphone is characterized by a good quality and is equipped with noise cancellation.

Logitech G430

[amazon box=”B00CQ35C1Q” /]

They are the inexpensive best gaming headset. Logitech gaming headsets are synonymous with warranty and reliability. This model offers good build quality and audio quality. The headphones are equipped with Dolby Surround 7.1 audio and the ear-cups can be adjusted up to 90-degrees. There is a convenient button that allows you to easily adjust the volume.

HyperX Cloud II

[amazon box=”B00SAYCXWG” /]

This HyperX gaming headset is equipped with a uni-directional microphone with noise cancellation. The leather-like ear-cups provide really good comfort. These headphones are optimized for professional gaming, thanks to the design with closed earcups that favors passive noise reduction. In addition, this headset enjoys TeamSpeak certification and is equipped with 7.1 virtual surrounds. The microphone can be conveniently removed.

Corsair Void Pro RGB

[amazon box=”B0748N6796″ /]

This wireless gaming headset is characterized by a different shape of the earcups than usual. The particular shape of the earcups allows greater comfort, adapting perfectly to our ears. The sound of the game is crystal clear and sharp, thanks to the Dolby 7.1, and the wireless module allows you to reach 12m maximum range. The microphone is characterized by noise cancellation and is equipped with an LED indicator. There are dedicated buttons that allow you to turn off the headphones and mute the microphone. They are also equipped with RGB lighting that can be customized using the Corsair software.

There are also Corsair VOID PRO RGB wired gaming headphones too.

[amazon box=”B07BJ8CM6P” /]

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

[amazon box=”B072DRCM1Q” /]

It certainly could not miss a Razer gaming headset in this guide. These Razer gaming headphones are characterized by an excellent audio quality and build quality, characteristics that have always distinguished the company in the gaming industry. They are equipped with a 7.1 virtual surround sound system and the microphone guarantees clear sound quality, thanks to the active noise cancellation. It can also be stored inside the earcups in order not to get in the way when not in use.

Logitech G933

[amazon box=”B01MZE2M9M” /]

These Logitech gaming headset deliver audio quality with 7.1 surround sound and unmatched build quality. They are distinguished from the other models for the high level of customization with which they are equipped. They are characterized by numerous programmable buttons positioned directly on the earcups, which allow you to switch from one audio profile to another. The software allows you to manage the lighting and equalizer and preset audio preferences. The microphone has excellent quality, thanks to which the members of our team can always feel clearly.

Astro Gaming A50

[amazon box=”B01G3WBIJ0″ /]

These headphones are the best wireless gaming headset we can buy currently on the market. They provide excellent sound quality thanks to Dolby Digital 7.1 audio, and the microphone sound is crystal clear, without any kind of noise or interference. Thanks to a convenient switch on the back of the charging base, we can activate compatibility with PS4 or PC. The convenient charging base is equipped with an indicator that provides information about the charging status of the headphones.

Best-selling Gaming Headsets on Amazon

Below is the list of the top 10 best-selling gaming headsets on Amazon. The list is kept constantly updated by the store itself.

[amazon bestseller=”gaming headsets” items=”10″]

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