Boost Your Phone, Save Battery and Free up Storage Space With Systweak Android Cleaner App

To clean up some precious storage space on your device and for the better performance of it, you can use Systweak Android Cleaner app. This amazing app helps you to free up ample of space on your device to continue saving videos, pictures, music and everything else you want. It helps you to boost up your Android device’s performance & its RAM. It helps you to manage installed apps in a better way, delete junk files, boost up battery life and can back up all important files safely to the cloud. Here we have full Android Cleaner Review below:



Junk files: This Android Cleaner app can scans all the files on your device and categorizes junk files according to different attributes like Temporary files, Unused folders, largest files, apps cache and others. It shows the space used by these files which can help you to decide whether to delete these junk files to make some precious space on your device. By clicking on Clean Now button you can make some additional space for your device easily. image003

Storage Manager:  Storage Manager lists all files on your device in their respective categories like pictures, music, videos, documents, big files, download files etc. You can select the category from which you want to delete files to make some space on your device. You can simply select the files to delete or you can take the backup of these files. It also helps you to find large files on your device this way you can delete those files if you are not using them anyways. image005

Game SpeedUp: This option helps you to play your favorite games and run applications with more available RAM. When you use this option it clears RAM once you select the apps and games you want to put up in Game SpeedUp list. This way you can improve the speed and performance while playing games or running apps from Game SpeedUp list. This app also creates a widget on your device by the name of ‘Game SpeedUp’, so that you can directly play a game or run the application from the list. image007

App Manager: It produces a list of all the applications and storage space occupied by them. It gives you an option to Archive your app’s installation file so that you can access that application in future. You can access Archived file by clicking on Restore button or can delete it permanently. To uninstall any of the application you can simply press Uninstall button and the app will clear some storage space for you. image009

Phone Boost: This feature helps you to clean your phone’s RAM effortlessly. It kills all unused or unrequired processes and services running in the background so that RAM can be free for other important tasks. It also creates a widget by the name of ‘1-Tap optimizer’ so that you can clean your phone RAM in a single step. image011

Battery Saver: This is an extremely useful and important add-on which helps you to save your device battery to some extent. Once you turn battery saver on it closes all battery soaking programs and services to extend your device battery life for few more hours. image013

Cloud Backup: You can use this feature to store your data in an instant and safe manner on the cloud. You can access this data anywhere at any time.

Settings: image015

  • You can turn on/off notifications related to this app.
  • You can set time for ‘Auto Cleaning’ of the device.
  • You can put the apps or programs in ‘Ignore list’ to avoid them from scanning.
  • You can select ‘Language’ of your choice.

Final verdict:

Systweak Android Cleaner is an amazing app to store on your device. It helps you get rid of storage issues on your android device. It is user friendly and provides amazing features to improve device performance and speed. Strongly recommended.


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