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Best Value Mobile Phones to Buy on Black Friday 2019

If you came here looking to buy the most affordable mobile phone on Black Friday 2019, Techtorreviews will have a hand in choosing. We have general buying guides where we gather the best smartphones, as well as another guide focused on devices that are worth importing.

Black Friday 2019

If you’ve been through our buying guides and haven’t decided which phone best fits your needs, we’ll bring together the ones that make your money count. If you have a particular preference, such as a larger screen or higher quality camera, we also list other options that may cost more but deliver the kind of experience you are looking for.

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Keep in mind that our buying guide brings unlocked phones only, as well as international variants. We also include purchase links to Amazon and B&H stores.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

[amazon box=”B07THFLC8P” /]

Why is the Mi 9T our choice? In US you can find it around $270. At this value, you get a great screen, slim edges, powerful sound, above-average performance, great for gaming, long battery life, plus cameras that record good photos (especially selfies).

Does that mean he’s perfect? No. You can find faster phones with better cameras or longer battery life. But one that is good at everything and yet doesn’t cost a fortune will be hard to beat the Mi 9T today.

Moto G7 Power

[amazon box=”B07N9KQDVG” /]

The Moto G7 series consists of four models and the most cost-effective is the G7 Power. It’s not as fast as the G7 Plus or has the same camera quality, but for less, you get a good battery with insane juice. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t drop their cell phone a minute, then the G7 Power is for you.

It also does well in games, and you can spend all day playing without worrying about the out of juice.

You can also grab it from the Bhphotovideo store.

Redmi Note 7

[amazon box=”B07PY52GVP” /]

Are you tight on cash or don’t want to pay it all on the Mi 9T? There is another cheaper option from Xiaomi, the Redmi Note 7. It is the most cost-effective mobile phone under $200 today.

Of course, it is not nearly as fast or the same camera quality, but for the price, you will pay it will make a better deal than investing in domestic rivals. It performs well, and overall it has such a balanced set that it can be called the “budget killer.”

You can also grab it from the Bhphotovideo store.

Samsung Galaxy A30

[amazon box=”B07NKBBVLV” /]

The Galaxy A30 is highlighted by its ultra-wide camera that delivers better photos than Samsung’s entry-level devices.

It does not have the same battery life as the Moto G7 Power nor the same performance level as the Redmi Note 7 but delivers a price-balanced set. It has a Super AMOLED screen is its differential, with more vibrant colors. In addition, it delivers more inches in a more compact body.

You can also grab it from the Bhphotovideo store.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

[amazon box=”B07Y8YWTFL” /]

Who says mobile gamer needs to be expensive? The Redmi Note 8 Pro is a recent bet by Xiaomi in the mid-range segment. It comes equipped with MediaTek’s Helio G90T SoC. It may not even be one of the fastest processors in the segment, but its Mali-G76 MC4 GPU ensures great flow even on heavier titles.

There’s Game Turbo mode, which as the name suggests forces the GPU to get the most out of the performance. Virtual buttons and even navigation gestures can be locked to prevent accidental touches while playing. Its overall performance is close to the Mi 9T and its battery talks a lot.

You can also grab it from the Bhphotovideo store.

Xiaomi Mi 9

[amazon box=”B07R4PP7FF” /]

There is a flagship of the Chinese brand that you can buy, it is also the most cost-effective device as well. Currently, you can find it for $345.

It is faster than the Mi 9T and captures photos in more detail. In return, you will have a notch on top of the screen and the battery that lasts considerably less. The features are the same between the two, so it’s up to you to decide if the Mi 9 is worth to pay a few extra bucks.

Apple iPhone 7

[amazon box=”B01N2K14U7″ /]

Want an affordable iPhone device. Even older Apple models cost more than the Mi 9T. But that’s the thing, if you prefer iOS as your operating system, then you have nowhere to run, you’ll have to pay dearly on Apple smartphones.

The iPhone 7 delivers the most value for money today. It will perform well by today’s standards and its cameras are not far behind Android rivals in this price range. The problem is your battery that yields much less than the others on our list.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

[amazon box=”B07N4K1B2S” /]

The powerful and compact device is endangered. The Galaxy S10e is one of the few currently delivering a great experience and can be comfortably used with one hand. It also deviates from the standard of recent Samsung curved-screen smartphones.

Its hardware is the same as the rest of the Galaxy S10 series and the performance is similar. Its battery does not yield so much because it is small, which will be a weakness for many. At least the camera suite doesn’t disappoint and you’ll have great photos and videos with the S10e. Want a compact, powerful and affordable model? He is the perfect match.

You can also grab it from the Bhphotovideo store.

Asus ZenFone 6

[amazon box=”B07X76CGPY” /]

National flagships are often far from the right balance of cost-effectiveness, but this is not the case with Zenfone 6. It came at $499.99, which is a good value for a release that delivers great build quality, performs nimble, its battery lasts long and still takes good pictures – especially selfies.

And there is another differential that will please us, the new top flagship from Asus has already been updated to Android 10, while other brands have not even announced when they will bring updates to their products.

You can also grab it from the Bhphotovideo store.

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