5 Games you can use to create Thesis Works

Students must complete their thesis works before they can earn their degree. A thesis is a type of dissertation that a student presents based on specific research findings. These researches must be relevant to the student’s current studies.

5 Games you can use to create Thesis Works

Writing a thesis can be a time-consuming and difficult task, just like any other obstacle on your educational journey. This does not mean you are doomed to fail in your quest for help. You can always turn to relevant websites that will always respond positively tour inquiry “write my thesis for me”.

It’s not difficult to find help online. You can look up ideas, find more tips, and get other help regarding thesis writing from one the best thesis writing services.

It is natural to want to be professional in thesis writing. There are many sources of information and research that can be done.

If we were to limit our discussion to games you can use in your thesis work, here are some:

1. Candy Crush

Candy crush, a 2012 game, has proved that it is here to stay. It is possible to use what seemed like a waste of time and an odd addiction to learn about human behavior when faced by endless obstacles. Playing candy crush can release dopamine, also known as the happyhormone.

What’s more? The world has well over 80 million players. Therefore, it is possible to observe real people and not only rely on information found online.

2. Fortnite

Online games are numerous, but Fortnite is one of the most popular. Fortnite was released in 2017 and has over 500,000 players around the world. This could be used as a case Study or an example to help you build your facts.

Fortnite is different from candy crush in that it allows players to play against each other either individually or in teams. This feature allows you to study how people interact with strangers and friends over the internet.

3. Chess

Because chess is the most well-known game, it should have been at the top of this list. Many people consider it a sport because it requires a lot mental strength. Chess is an excellent example because it is widely recognized. Find the right area for your topic.

4. Scrabble

Scabble is a top-ranking board game with international recognition. It can be easily adapted to many languages dictionaries so there shouldn’t be any stress gathering information.

Its international reputation will make it easy for you to convince your readers and professors that it deserves to be cited as an example.

5. Poker

A good game of poker can be used in your thesis as an example. It is often played at family dinners and friend game nights. Poker can also be used to contact any other card game, such as solitaire, which is mostly played on the computer.

As with all the other examples, the key is to find the perfect angle that matches your message.


There are no limits to the length of your thesis and the sources from which it can be sourced. It is important to pay attention to how the thesis is written. To avoid disapproval by lecturers, a thesis must be written professionally.

The examples must be relevant, not just a way to make the work appear bulky.

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