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Xiaomi Smart Toilet Youth Edition Announced: Thank God, There is no Display and Dual Camera

Sometimes it is better to stay alone. So why not enjoy a little privacy making it even smarter? We meet Xiaomi, now famous for offering products of all kinds on the market, including Smart Toilet.

Xiaomi Smart Toilet Youth Edition

Yes, you heard it read right: Xiaomi has announced the Smart Toilet seat called Smart Toilet Youth Edition, which is a refreshed variant of a previous model was announced by the Chinese company at the beginning of the year which also able to connect with the Mi Band as well.

Made of 316 stainless steel, the water axis integrates night lightings, it has an IPX4 certified waterproof design, it is also ergonomic so it will ensure perfect comfort while you fulfill your needs – and offers a self-cleaning function with a 99.9% sterilization rate. To make it work properly, it is sufficient to attach it to the power socket and make a proper connection to the water. That’s all.

Xiaomi smart toilet Youth Edition uses an instant thermostatic heating system which ensures that the water temperature can be instantly heated to about 35 °C, to deliver a comfortable experience.

If you think it’s too cold or too hot, do not worry: there are three different levels to satisfy all tastes. In addition, you can choose three ways of self-cleaning function. (you know in China, you can do everything on the toilet seat, even clean your private parts as well :D) Soft feminine cleaning, shower wash, hip wash cleaning.

Thankfully, this Xiaomi Smart Toilet has not any display with notch or dual camera 😀 LOL but integrates a sensor that warns us when we are sitting on the toilet for more than half an hour. Fundamentally right feature.

Coming to the price – only CNY 799 – approximately $122. So, better to be alone in the bathroom, yes, but with style.


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