MiPOW Cube X Power Bank with Qi Wireless Charging Pad Review

At the price of $79.99, the MiPOW Cube X Wireless Power Bank with Qi Wireless Charging Pad Station does not have a square design and is conveniently compact and easily fit in your palm. The power bank packs more power with its metal-plated battery charger, wireless charging pad station for charging via Dock connector, and 5V-3A USB-C fast charging. The exception is because there is a charging dock attached to the charger, so this battery has only one USB-C port.

MiPOW Wireless Charging Pad Review

No square design but the MiPOW Cube X 5000 is still lightweight. The big plus point is the aluminum battery, which is anodized like the MacBook case and its aluminum is always colored aluminum rather than a paint. (Look at the USB-C port will see the red core).

Meanwhile, the wireless charging surface is glossy. The surface is easy to scratch, but hard to see. The red color of this battery is also soft, not much brighter. In addition, it is also available in White and Black color as well. What we do not like is that it’s a bit slippery, so the phone is easy to slip if you do not have a case or cover.

The side of the battery has a power button and indicator light. You only need to press the power to start charging, when in idle mode or the device has been fully charged the battery will automatically disconnect. One of the things we like about this power bank is that it comes with many accessories like a leather case for a power bank, 1.5m USB 3.0 cable that is the same color as the battery.

And most importantly, the added value of the Cube X 5000 is the included Qi Wireless Charging Pad Station. With this dock, just plug it in at home and pack it up. This dock has four black knobs at the back to minimize scratches, including USB ports and USB-C ports and is made of scratch resistant, lightweight material. The dock is more liberal than the battery, while power bank contains only one USB-C port.

MiPOW Wireless charging

The MiPOW Cube X 5000 comes with 5V 3A input and output, but the charger is charged only 5V 1A (rechargeable for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, and devices that support Qi wireless charging). If you need fast charging, so it is better to avoid wireless charging. To be honest, we also do not like to charge wirelessly, it looks modern but slow charging is very time-consuming.

Another plus point of the MiPOW power bank is when compared to many other power banks is the RoHS-Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), a European standard that protects people and the environment. The field of toxic substances in electrical and electronic products. In short, ensure safety.

MiPOW 5000mah Power Bank

In the end, if you like modern and wireless charging, then select this MIPOW Qi Wireless Charging with 5000mAh Wireless Power Bank. As for fast charging and more battery capacity, there are also many more options available in the market.

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