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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Vs Apple iPad Mini 2: Which One You Choose?

Both share similar designs, but differences in screen sizes, Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and Apple iPad Mini 2 are pretty good hot products, the power represented by the giant Apple and the other side affordable device from Chinese brand.Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Vs Apple iPad Mini 2

Unlike the phone, users rarely consider upgrading tablet periodically. Therefore, most of people choose a tablet carefully, avoiding wrong and costly buying. Representing the tablet realm, Mi Pad 2 and iPad Mini 2 are quite outstanding products, each with its own strengths so users should consider our Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Vs Apple iPad Mini 2 comparison when choosing.


At first glance, Mi Pad 2 and iPad Mini 2 are quite similar in style. iPad Mini 2 launched end of the 2013, while the Mi Pad 2 premiere end of the last year in 2015, this shows that the product comes from Xiaomi as a gentle replica of the Apple brand. It is very surprising, even size or measurements and weight, Mi Pad 2 did not significantly differ with iPad Mini 2, the main difference of buttons and SIM slot.


Unexpectedly further, Mi Pad 2 and iPad Mini 2 are equipped with 7.9-inch screen with 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution. Equal sharpness, but, Apple tablet with little more optimal visibility than Xiaomi Tablet, but not too much. Because the iPad Mini 2 uses LED-backlit IPS panel, while the Mi Pad 2 again using IPS LCD technology.Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

Apple iPad Mini 2 screen respond well to discerning users who require natural and true color, even partially to attract the attention of users. Of course, the IPS screen has the ability to display very good, so there are many mid-range devices with this premium access.


For the product line from Apple, few people care about the configuration, most of user focus on performance and functionality. Because iOS platform has long renowned for optimizing hardware terms, the system is stable despite the configuration parameters are not necessarily demanding as Android line.

Therefore, iPad Mini 2 just equipped a dual-core processor, clocked at 1.3GHz, PowerVR G6430 GPU, 1GB of RAM is enough to satisfy all basic tasks. In order to offset the power of Android hardware slightly higher than iOS, Mi Pad 2 equipped with Intel Atom Z8500-X5 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics. 64GB of internal memory, Mi Pad 2 runs both Android and Windows 10. In addition, the iPad Mini 2 equipped nano-SIM slot, a bit advantage than Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 line.

Both the iPad Mini 2 and Mi Pad 2 will provide high performance, to meet the need of most current powerful games, to better serve the increasingly diverse needs of users. The only minus point for these two products, which are not integrated external micro-SD slot.


Quick comment about the operating system, for IOS platform, which is the pride and the success of the Apple brand. By IOS system which highlights the number of applications, plentiful games, while ensuring the quality through rigorous testing, Android stands out. Therefore, iPad Mini 2 works quite amazing because the compatibility of the hardware to the operating system, software and rich platform.Untitled-14

Meanwhile, Mi Pad 2 uses Intel chips will encounter some minor setback for a number of applications, games, because the problem is not compatible on Android operating system. For example, the Mi Pad 2 is not compatible with some games, likely it will not be facing problem as above if used processors from Qualcomm. Quite reasonable, because of some issues with Windows 10, the Xiaomi has selected Intel processors instead of Qualcomm.

Final line:

iPad Mini 2 is the pretty hot product in recent years, thanks to a good configuration on quite pleasant price compared to the other devices from Apple.

Although launched back in 3 years ago, iPad Mini 2 has the ability to compete with other tablet devices, all the features and applications are stable and smooth operation. With a similar design to the iPad Mini 2, Mi Pad 2 also stand out thanks to Android OS and Windows 10 version with 64GB ROM.

Depending on the needs and purpose of use, users will choose products accordingly. For example, customers want brand priorities, stable configuration to work and basic entertainment, while keeping the product price, the iPad Mini 2 lasting more prominent. Conversely, customers need to experience good product at a reasonable price, do not bother about the brand, the Mi Pad 2 will certainly be much better.

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