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Xbox One Steering Wheels: Best to Buy

If you love racing games, a device you can’t miss in your setup is the best Xbox One steering wheels you can find on the market. Thanks to the steering wheels for the Microsoft console you can fully exploit the potential of racing simulation games. In this dedicated guide, we offer you the best Xbox One steering wheel models available on the market and we explain to you what are the features to be evaluated at the time of purchase.

PS4 Steering Wheels

Choosing a new Xbox One steering wheel for your seat must be done carefully. The aspects to consider are few but fundamental and will determine your performance in the game.

Force feedback

Almost all of the steering wheels on the market have force feedback. It is a technology that allows you to apply a force that perfectly simulates the vehicle’s responses to the various maneuvers. This is made possible thanks to some vibrating motors present inside the steering wheel that make the gaming experience more engaging.

Steering radius

These are the degrees needed to make a complete rotation of your steering wheel. A good Xbox One steering wheel dedicated to competitions also reaches 900° of steering radius. However, this parameter can be incisive or not depending on your needs and preferences.

Built and Materials

The materials and built quality strongly affect the quality of the product you are going to buy. The most expensive steering wheels will have a much better built quality than the low-end and mid-range products. One feature to be extremely careful about is the quality of the support to attach the steering wheel to your desk stand.

Our selection

Below we offer you our selection of the best Xbox One steering wheels currently available for purchase for users. We have chosen the products offered based on their technical characteristics, with an eye to price also.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider

[amazon box=”B00IVHQ0KI” /]

Let’s start with a mid-range model featuring an excellent quality and price ratio. This Xbox One steering wheel is equipped with a 240° steering range and a pedal unit with 2 pedals with accelerator and brake. The steering wheel is equipped with 9 buttons and 2 metal gearshift levers. The materials are well made and the build quality is in line with the price at which the steering wheel is sold. Force feedback is absent in this model, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your preferences. The build quality is really excellent, typical products of this company specialized in the sector.

Thrustmaster TMX

[amazon box=”B01CI97DNM” /]

This Thrustmaster Xbox One steering wheel features a 900° turning circle, 10 buttons and a pedal set with 2 adjustable pedals. The two buttons are dedicated to the brake and the accelerator. Unfortunately, the clutch pedal is absent. Obviously, this model has 2 gear shift levers to shift gears directly on the steering wheel. Furthermore, it is equipped with force feedback technology, an element that should not be underestimated considering the market price. The build quality is really excellent, including the support that allows you to fix the steering wheel to your desk stand.

Logitech G920

[amazon box=”B00Z0UWV98″ /]

It is one of the best steering wheels dedicated to the Microsoft console. This Logitech Xbox One steering wheel is equipped with a 900° turning radius, 12 buttons and a large pedal with 3 pedals dedicated to brake, accelerator and clutch. The excellent support here is equipped allows you to fix it firmly on the desk stand even during the most intense gaming sessions. Obviously, the force feedback technology is also present on this Logitech G920.

The material quality and the build quality are really excellent, a typical characteristic of the products made by the company. You can also buy it bundled with the Logitech Driving Force manual gearbox to improve the gaming experience and enjoy an even more immersive experience.

Thrustmaster Tx Rw

[amazon box=”B0151K6FPC” /]

This model is undoubtedly one of the best Xbox One steering wheels currently available on the market. This excellent Thrustmaster steering wheel is equipped with a 900° turning radius, 12 buttons and a pedal unit with 3 pedals dedicated to brake, accelerator and clutch. It is characterized by a really excellent build quality with well-made materials.

The Thrustmaster Tx Rw boasts one of the best force feedback currently on the market. In addition, this Thrustmaster Xbox One steering wheel features an efficient steering wheel coupling system, such as a model made by third-party companies.

Desk stand

Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand for Logitech, and Thrustmaster

[amazon box=”B010W3OB68″ /]

It is an excellent desk stand that allows you to avoid damaging your desk using devices of this kind, you can buy this practical desk stand at a very affordable price. It allows you to place the steering wheel and pedal board on the stand so you can use them comfortably. It allows you to adapt the pedals and the steering wheel to each position.

Most popular Xbox One Steering Wheels on Amazon

We also advise you to take a look at the list of the top 10 best selling Xbox One steering wheels currently available on Amazon. The list is kept constantly updated by the store itself.

[amazon bestseller=”Xbox One Steering Wheels” items=”10″]

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