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Sony SRS-XB12 Review: Bluetooth Speaker with Small upgrade, but Great Benefit

Extra Bass SRS-XB10 is one of Sony’s best-selling Bluetooth speakers with reasonable price and quality sound. So in 2019, the company has upgraded this speaker with many quality improvements named Sony SRS-XB12.


If only look at the outside, most of us will realize that Sony SRS-XB12 has many similarities with XB10. But in reality, Sony has made a lot of improvement on the new speaker.

The first point is that the loudspeaker at the top has a larger hole design, which gives the ability to escape the better sound.

Next is the strap, which is replaced with a large size, which gives a much more solid feel than the XB10 strap. There is a small lock on the wire so that you can unplug the cord and place the speaker somewhere.

Sony SRS-XB12 is still compact and fits comfortably like the XB10. Sony logo has been imprinted instead of embossed as on XB10. In addition, the exterior of the XB12 is made with plastic, instead of rubber-coated like the previous version, it seems more comfortable when the speaker is caught in the hand.

The bottom is the place where the name and basic parameters of the XB12 are recorded. If you look closely, the gas slit on the XB12 is broader than the XB10, which promises a bigger and warm base.

When opening waterproof rubber cover, we will see a micro USB charging port, small hole to reset and AUX plug.

The control key has been raised on XB12 and when pressed, only a slight force is applied to the speaker received. It can be considered a small change, but it brings many useful things during daily use.

In addition to the above minor upgrades, the Sony SRS-XB12 is upgraded to IP67 water and dust proof standard. This means that when you bring the speaker to the sea, you will be more confident while swimming in the pool, but be sure to seal the rubber cover tightly to prevent water in the speaker.

Sound quality

When turned on with moderate volume, we thought Sony SRS-XB12 was quite normal like many other Bluetooth speakers. When we had increased speaker volume level of about 80% or more than everything changes. The true quality of Extra Bass by Sony when the bass is quite a lot and blazing with exciting music. Even then we heard the full bass.

Our feeling with the XB12’s bass is strong and firm, not low and warm as on XB10. For those who like the vibrant sound of EDM songs, this is a great improvement, but for those who liked the disco style, the bass beat so strong that the song became lost.

The mid or treble audio on the XB12 sounds clear and sharp with the medium level volume, but if you play louder, these two sounds will be pretty loud. When listening to the current music, the sound quality is quite good, all 3 tones are mixed with 1:1:1 ratio for a pleasant feeling.

Those are our feelings while listening to music on this Bluetooth speaker, but in reality, it depends on the taste of the music as well as the feeling of each person.

An interesting mode on the Sony SRS-XB12 is that you can connect two speakers simultaneously and play at the same time or play sound in the left / right speaker mode. We can take advantage of this feature when owning 2 speakers for playing music or games.

Battery life

According to Sony’s information, XB12 has a battery life of up to 16 hours when fully charged, similar to the predecessor XB10, which has the same battery life. Actually, when we use it, we only hear a few hours a day so after about 4-5 days, we have to charge for this speaker.

With so much battery time, your parties and camping will become more exciting and don’t worry about running out of music.

Final life

Sony SRS-XB12 is an improved version than its predecessor XB10, Sony has also upgraded not only the design, the advanced water standard but also the sound quality. It is priced at $59.99, but now available with instant discounts of $20 only on Have you ever used Sony’s Extra Bass speaker? Please share what you like below.

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