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Dying Light 2 Will be Huge, Night isn’t a Constriction

Dying Light 2, in addition to a game map four times larger than that of the first episode and the expansion. The Following combined, promises significant changes in the mechanics related to the day/night cycle.

Dying Light 2

According to the creative director, Adrian Ciszewski, at DualShockers microphones, “The night isn’t a constriction anymore, but it becomes an opportunity pretty much in everything, including combat, completion of quests, and traversal”.

In fact, the light of the sun will be for humans while darkness for zombies as a result in the moonlight will not miss the opportunity to fight, will still be the terrible experience of being chased in the dark but it will not just be running away and finding shelter.

For example, the infected will live in shelters that hide objects that are difficult to find in other places, so the night will be a great opportunity to find them as the creatures abandon their den. The shelters, however, will often be damaged and therefore to be able to enter and explore them will need to rely on the inevitable techniques of parkour.

During the day, however, Degenerates will appear, some of them very large and extremely difficult to annihilate: although in Dying Light 2 people have learned to live with them, you will need to be careful and avoid being surrounded by these fearsome creatures.

The game map will also be huge, four times larger than that of the first episode and the following combination expansion. Some areas of the city will be infested with enemies, others will be colonized by human factions: this aspect will amplify the desire to discover through the exploratory sessions, ensuring a very diversified gameplay.

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