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Sony, Nokia, and OnePlus are Fastest in Android Updates

The Android updates are always a difficult issue; some mobile-manufacturers promise them, and others bring them. It is really difficult to orientate yourself within the huge quantity of OEMs and smartphones they manufacture. The top of the range is generally followed for more time and with more constancy, while the mid-range devices are used to be born and die with the same version of the operating system, except for some sporadic cases.

Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra Android Oreo


Lately, Google has placed more emphasis on this issue and – while waiting for Big G’s policies to show their effect – the Android Authority colleague has posted a ranking of the fastest OEMs to update their handsets, obviously based on the timing of release In the USA. The 12 positions are occupied in this order:

  1. Sony
  2. HMD Nokia
  3. OnePlus
  4. HTC
  5. Asus
  6. Xiaomi
  7. Huawei / Honor
  8. Lenovo / Motorola
  9. Essential
  10. Samsung
  11. LG
  12. Razer

Sony gets the first place in Android updates thanks to a quick and complete support that has involved many of its smartphones released in 2017 and the rapid and timely communications regarding its update plans. Even HMD Nokia gets an excellent placement, given the speed with which it has updated its devices and the promise to bring Android P on all those released until today. In third place, we find OnePlus, strong support shown for its last 4 smartphones, despite some mistakes made in the past.

The bottom of the ranking is occupied by Essential – although it offered Oreo in open beta form way back in November last year – and by Samsung and LG, which continue to arrive with a clear delay compared to competitors. Last place for Razer, who is still partially justified by being on his first smartphone. And have you ever chosen the choice of your smartphone on the speed of updating? Let us know your opinion in the comments.


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