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Divoom Tivoo Review: Retro TV Style Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Pixel art Display

Divoom Tivoo is a portable mini Bluetooth Speaker has a screen with the ability to display interesting easy pixel art images. Moreover, you can download the Divoom app to your phone, join the community you are using and do lots of other fun things like super cute stock images, create your own photos/animations, alarms, plan themes, playing games and more.

With a lovely retro design, pixel art that comes as a speaker can simultaneously alarm and do a lot of things.

Instructions for use:

  • Download the Divoom app and connect. Remember to connect to both Tivoo Audio and Tivoo Light Bluetooth.
  • On the speaker, there are 3 main buttons on the front, which are actually 2 knobs and 1 small button.
  • Top knob: Rotate to switch between image channels (VJ effects, Visualizer or custom), switch with the clock display, and press to switch between images in a channel. (for example, rotate to the clock face and press to change the clock face, but for the image channel, you can set it to automatically jump to the next image). In addition, when playing the game, rotate and press combination to play the game.
  • Knob Vol: turn the rotation to increase or decrease the volume.
  • Small bottom button to switch between signal Sources: Bluetooth, 3.5 jack or memory card.

Beautifully designed, a retro-style image of an antique TV of the body, along with the knobs, and four legs. There are five color options available: Blue, Black, Pink, Red, and White. The mini Bluetooth speaker itself is well finished, the plastic material is glossy, limiting scratches well and there are also rubber cushions under 4 legs. Overall tiny mini Bluetooth speakers easy to carry around.

For sound quality, a Bluetooth speaker like Divoom Tivoo, we won’t ask for too much. Because for many games it is not a pure speaker, it will have many resonant elements together. Although the speakers are small, sound at full volume is quite loud, important is loud, but not the tank-style or resounding but the sound is still clear.

In addition, the battery of the speaker is 3000mAh, continuous music playback time is about 10 hours and Divoom is a brand from Hong Kong.

Discover games:

  • DJ Mixer: mix music, practice DJing by phone, many instruments, customize and can record.
  • Self-recording: if you practice being an announcer or want to make a joke, use this. Can choose male / female / baby / robot voice, adjust the speed.
  • Alarm: can choose to ring (thunder, self-recording, classic bell, etc), customize the volume, the time of the alarm.
  • Sleep time: time to sleep. Set brightness, sound, music, long music timer
  • Planner: plan for the whole day. In particular, you can set details of the time frame, activity, reminder sound, whether to repeat the week, which TV shows images in 1 day, it will be both a reminder tool and a “jump and dance” according to one day of operation. It turned out to be quite fun.
  • Games: play with the TV speaker itself, using the knobs or press to customize.
  • In addition, there is a timer/countdown timer/anniversary setting/noise measurement/scoreboard (when playing) / allows notifications from the phone (calls, chat apps) show the callers name.

Chanel: Customizable screens for display

  • Clock: clock face type, display color, brightness, temperature + weather (this will get information from the phone, so when it rains the screen will rain, it’s fun).
  • Lighting: there is a power button to turn on / off the screen, adjust the brightness and some quick settings of the screen in cases such as when sleeping (turning to a softer, darker yellow),
  • Cloud channel: We haven’t used this one yet, but roughly it will store data and Divoom has many speakers. This integration comes in handy when switching between various Divoom speakers.
  • The back tabs are mainly for you to choose your favorite display effect with the main tabs like VJ effects, Visualizer or custom. You can draw your own picture or download it from a huge stock of images (spiderman, superman, Mario, Pikachu or simply a flashing effect). In short, so much and so cute. After downloading, click upload to the device to sync the new image to “TV”.
  • We feel like using this app is like using Social Network or something, you can follow, have something to count. The user community is also crowded. Images you upload will be shared with everyone and you can also download images from everyone. Especially there is an expert section – the image from professional accounts, genuine, and nice.

The center panel: display your profile. In addition, when double tab, you will be able to freely design the animation, text, draws, etc. to create a unique display image, confidently show off your personality instead of downloading pre-loaded images.
Settings: you can set the power saving mode to automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity or power off after a few hours.

Final line

The Divoom Tivoo is an interesting wireless Bluetooth speaker at first glance because of it can use for both as beautiful decoration item and a speaker, has a strange LED pixel art display, alarm clock, games, and changes the display when it rains, it can be changed according to the bedtime, displayed according to the work plan – just like a companion.

This mini Bluetooth speaker might make sense for someone looking for a unique device to attract friends and relatives. If you’re looking for something a bit different and retro, the Divoom Tivoo is a good option to consider at $69.90 and it can be purchased via Amazon.com.

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