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Amazon Launches New Echo Devices and Other Smart Products Powered by Alexa

After many rumors, Amazon finally introduced its new series of Echo devices powered by Alexa. One of the four products we have already shown is the Fire TV Recast, which brings the live TV to any display device; Echo Sub subwoofer, Echo Link and Echo Link Amp stereo amplifiers.

Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon has also updated its Echo devices with a new version of Echo Dot. The company guarantees that it has a bigger driver and can have a sound up to 70% higher, and the price charged for the product will remain at $49.99.

Another great news presented by Amazon is the Echo Auto that comes to the market to take Alexa to the cars. It is a very small size and is connected to the vehicle’s sound system via Bluetooth or auxiliary cable. Thus, the user can talk to the assistant while driving, and it costs only $24.99.

Echo Auto - Add Alexa to your car Echo Auto - Add Alexa to your car No ratings yet $24.99

The Echo Input is another small device introduced by Amazon. However, it does not have its own speaker and only serves to take Alexa to exist sound devices. So just plug the device into the 3.5mm input and enjoy all the features of the wizard. It has been priced at $34.99.

echo auto

Jeff Bezos giant has also renewed another product line. This is the Echo Plus that has a new generation of user-friendly design, an improved sound, and now it also has an integrated temperature sensor to improve the use of Alexa. It has been priced at $149.99.

The Echo Show was another device “refreshed” by Amazon. It now has a 10-inch screen and its speakers have been refurbished to provide better audio playback. The device will be sold for $229.99 with Skype support.

If you think it’s over, then you’re wrong. The e-commerce giant has also launched a new Microwave that connects to other Echo devices via Bluetooth. So you can give voice commands to Alexa “fry a popcorn,” for example. The AmazonBasics Microwave has been priced at $59.99.

echo show

Amazon also ventured by releasing Echo Wall Clock that can connect to Echo devices to set timers and alarms via voice commands with Alexa. Finally, one of the most anticipated products is the company’s new intelligent outlet. With the initial price of $24.99, it will be possible to connect to your Echo speakers over Bluetooth. You can also set timers, alarms, and change the time using your voice and Alexa commands.

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