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Waldorf Iridium Keyboard with Polyphonic aftertouch, MPE, and More

The secret of the moderation of something new from Waldorf has been revealed. The new creation is called the Waldorf Iridium Keyboard. The Quantum from 2020 was previously only available in the form of a desktop synthesizer, which is now changing with the Iridium Keyboard Synthesizer, and the keyboard version can do a bit more. It has polyphonic aftertouch, it …

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Waldorf Iridium 16-Voice Digital Analog Synthesizer With Quantum Qualities

The German synthesizer and software company Waldorf has released Iridium, a digital polyphonic synthesizer that elevates the hybrid properties of the flagship synthesizer Quantum into digital spheres and a little more. In 2018, Waldorf released the Quantum, an analog synthesizer with its powerful sound generation and versatile modulation options, actually brought some good arguments for the title Dream Machine to …

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