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Pokémon Let’s Go for Nintendo Switch: Official Guide Released

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu

The official Pokemon website has published the official guide on how to play Pokémon Let’s Go – the upcoming game to be released for Nintendo Switch. The guide counts on the catching and battling mechanics to a greater depth than before. Announced back in May this year, the game will come in two versions: one with Pikachu and one with …

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Nintendo Switch SDK Leaked Online: Increases Piracy Risk

Nintendo Switch SDK

Nintendo Switch SDK (Software Development Kit) has been leaked online and due to this, Kyoto house could be in trouble. For obvious reasons, we did not know the name of the person who leaked the Nintendo Switch SDK online, making it accessible for all and this could cause a significant damage to the Kyoto house. The Software Development Kit is …

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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Coming on Nintendo Switch

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Nintendo Switch

SNK’s classic games will arrive on Nintendo Switch on November 13 with the release of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. SNK collection includes iconic titles created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Japanese company. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection will feature a series of games, originally released on arcade cabinets and consoles, including Ikari Warriors, Guerrilla War, and Street …

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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Now Available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is finally available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, at a suggested price of $39.99. The game was initially released last year on PlayStation 4 – includes the three titles originally released on the first PlayStation, proposed in a remastered version with support for 4K UHD resolution. Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes …

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Mario Kart Deluxe 8 for Switch Now Compatible with Nintendo Labo

Mario Kart Deluxe 8 Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has released a new update of Mario Kart Deluxe 8 for Switch that adds support to Nintendo Labo. In particular, after installing the free update, you can use the Toy-Con Motorbike that will be shown among compatible controllers in the main menu. It is possible to play using the controller either in TV mode or by inserting the Nintendo …

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Microsoft and Nintendo Published Minecraft Trailer Focused on Cross-play

Nintendo switch minecraft

Microsoft and Nintendo are responding to Sony and its cross-game policies, which have come to the center of media attention for the Fortnite case. On this occasion, through a published trailer of the new version of Minecraft for Switch, which took place today. The video in question highlights the possibility for Nintendo users to play with their friends on Xbox …

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Nintendo Switch Becomes Arcade Cabinet With Nyko’s Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet

Turning your Nintendo Switch into the Classic Arcade Cabinet complete with modified Joy-Con is now possible: of course, everything is made of cardboard, in perfect Nintendo Labo style. The company Nyko has introduced its new project called PixelQuest Arcade Kit and based on the popular Nintendo Labo toy-con. The kit allows you to build, assembling the various cardboard shapes included …

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Donkey Kong and Sky Skipper Arcade Games Now on Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong

Nintendo Switch is preparing to receive some classic 80s titles were originally released on arcade games cabinets and never officially landed on other platforms. It is nothing less than Donkey Kong Arcade and Sky Skipper, both published in 1981 and announced by Nintendo during E3 2018 event. The story related to Donkey Kong is particularly curious since the reason for …

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Fortnite: 2 Million Downloads Crossed on Nintendo Switch in 24 Hours

Fortnite Switch

Fortnite seems to be an unstoppable phenomenon. Just after 24 hours of his debut on Nintendo Switch – accompanied by some controversy against Sony for his strong opposition to crossplay – the Epic Battle Royale has recorded as many as 2 million downloads. To give us news of this milestone was none other than Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of Nintendo …

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