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Best Bone Conduction Headphones: Which One I Should Buy

Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone conduction is a special technology to help those with hearing loss. Here is the best Bone Conduction Headphones are available in the market today. Technology gets better every day and even the music world can only be less! The last found in this field is the bone conduction headphones, that is the particular headphones that do not need to …

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Pioneer A-40E Stereo Amplifier with Headphone Output

Pioneer A-40E Stereo Amplifier

Pioneer has announced a new A-40E stereo amplifier model designed to offer attractive features at an affordable price. The steel chassis ensures optimal protection against all types of interference. The front panel and the knob to control volume are made of aluminum alloy. Inside is an over-sized power supply and selected ELNA capacitors, designed specifically for Pioneer. Pioneer A-40E is …

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Best Budget Headphones: Which One Should I Buy

Best Budget Headphones

Here is an updated selection of best budget headphones for those who do not have too many pretensions or want to spend a little to listen to their music! The music is an essential element for many people, and with the advent of smartphones has been made more and more portable, especially thanks to streaming apps like Spotify and Apple …

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Coupon For Hi-Fi Audio Player: XDUOO X3 Hi-Fi Music Player With $7 Discount

XDUOO X3 Hi-Fi Music Player

XDUOO makes great products for audiophiles such as headphone amplifiers, audio DAC, PC Hi-Fi DAC, phone audio DAC, Hi-Fi audio player and so on. And today we have the XDUOO X3 is a cool looking Hi-Fi Music Player with support for FM Radio and voice recording. If you are interested in lossless audio playback and line-out port the XDUOO Hi-Fi …

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JBL Reinvents its Most Successful Loudspeakers with JBL L100 Classic

JBL L100 Classic

JBL at CES 2018 introduced the JBL L100 Classic speakers, a new edition of the JBL L100 that was released in 1970 and still the most sold and popular brand in USA. The style is retro and deliberately based on the original speakers. The distinctive element is the Quadrex foam grille, which will be available in Black, Orange, and Blue …

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Razer Nommo and Nommo Pro PC Speakers For Gamers at CES 2018

razer nommo

Razer Nommo and Nommo Pro are the two innovative PC speakers presented by the leading gaming company designed to offer perfect immersion in the game and to allow users to get a correct perception of the environmental elements. This is made possible with positional audio with real left and right stereo image, which allows gamers to know exactly where the …

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Sony SF200, XF9000 and ZF9 Soundbars with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X at CES 2018

sony zf9

Sony has introduced three new soundbars at CES 2018. The announced models are the compact HT-SF200, the HT-XF9000 and HT-ZF9 with DTS and Dolby Atmos:X. Let’s start with the higher end product – the Sony ZF9 reproduces the audio tracks to objects through the Vertical Surround Engine, a system that recreates an enveloping sound starting from a much simpler configuration. …

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Samsung Will announce wall-mountable NW700 Soundbar Sound+ at CES 2018

wall-mountable soundbar

Samsung has announced that the company will launch a new wall-mountable soundbar called NW700 Soundbar Sound+ at the Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2018, to be held on January 2018 in Las Vegas. A successor of the MS650 Soundbar Sound+, the NW700 Soundbar offers powerful audio and integrates a woofer developed by the Samsung Audio Lab. Among the features of …

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Dolby Vision and HLG available on Yamaha amplifiers 2016 and 2017

Dolby Vision and HLG on Yamaha amplifiers

Yamaha has released a new firmware update that enables support for Dolby Vision (the proprietary Dolby format, the currently most advanced format thanks to dynamic metadata) and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma, the format created by BBC and NHK for television broadcasts). The new firmware is now available on various Yamaha amplifiers and other products of the 2016 and 2017 series: CX-A5100 …

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Chord Poly Music Streamer to Match with Mojo DAC Amplifier Announced

Chord Poly

Chord has created Poly, a music streamer / player designed to work with Mojo, a name that will be known to many users with the passion for high-quality audio. It is one of the best DAC and powerful portable amplifiers on the market. Chord Poly expands Mojo’s possibilities and goes to create a complete system for playing music. It comes …

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