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Garmin Descent MK2s Watch-Style Dive Computer Smartwatch for Diving

With the Descent MK2s, Garmin is launching a new smartwatch especially for use in scuba diving. The Garmin Mk2S multisport watch-style dive computer device is basically based on the Fenix. Garmin now offers a broad portfolio of watches with smart functions. The manufacturer uses a comparatively similar hardware base and its own operating system and also serves niches such as …

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Garmin Enduro Multisport GPS smartwatch Lasts Two Months

Garmin has unveiled the new Enduro Multisport GPS smartwatch, the key feature of which is impressive battery life. Also, the Garmin Enduro in a rugged case with protection against water acquired a built-in GPS module and a decent set of sensors for monitoring the health of the owner. The Enduro sport watch has a Power Glass solar charging lens that …

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