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MSI Pro MP271 Series Full HD Monitors for Work Environment

MSI announced the PRO MP271 series monitors for use with work systems. New Full HD LED monitor models in this family are equipped with high-quality IPS-panel with wide viewing angles and excellent color reproduction. In addition, the new Full HD 1080p monitors have a minimum negative impact on the eyes during prolonged use. The MSI Pro MP271 and Pro MP271P …

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Lenovo Q24h-10 Review: Designs is Priority

In monitor reviews, people say only about its hertz and huge diagonals. But other features are also important for comfortable work. The Lenovo Q24h-10 75 Hz monitor has an attractive design with thin bezels, IPS-matrix with QHD resolution, built-in speakers, and also a USB Type-C port. Is this Lenovo monitor suitable for the office and how comfortable it is for …

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