Sony Introduces the Burano Movie Camera with 8.6K and Image Stabilization

Sony has unveiled its first movie camera, the Sony Burano, featuring a state-of-the-art image stabilization system, support for ultra-high resolution 8.6K (8640×5760) video, a remarkable 16-stop dynamic range, integrated ND filters, and the cutting-edge XAVC H codec. The camera’s sensor boasts an impressive resolution of 41.9 MP (effective).

Sony Burano Movie Camera with 8.6K and Image Stabilization

The movie camera incorporates dual base ISO settings of 800 and 3200 and offers high-performance hybrid autofocus with real-time tracking. This camera introduces a variable ND filter system, similar to the one found in the Sony FX6 camera, and supports codecs for recording top-tier video quality, including X-OCN and XAVC H.

The Sony Burano can be used independently or as a secondary camera alongside the Sony Venice 2.

Sony Burano Movie Camera with 8.6K and Image Stabilization

This new model features a full-frame sensor compatible with both E-mount and PL-mount lenses. Notably, autofocus is exclusively supported with E-mount lenses. When shooting in Super35 mode, the camera achieves a resolution of 5.6K, which increases to 8.6K in full-frame mode. It offers an exceptional dynamic range of 16 stops, on par with the Sony Venice 2.

Thanks to its dual base ISO function, the Sony Burano excels in low-light conditions, maintaining video quality. This feature underscores the camera’s capability, aligning it with Sony’s flagship cinema camera, the Venice 2.

According to Sony, the camera’s sensor covers a broader range of the BT.2020 color space and employs the same S-Gamut3 color space as the Venice 2, as well as the discontinued Sony F55 and Sony F65 cinema cameras.

The Sony Burano supports X-OCN LT, XAVC H, and XAVC recording codecs. Similar to the flagship Sony Venice 2, this cinema camera can record X-OCN files directly to a memory card without the need for an external AXS-R7 recorder. The camera includes two slots for CFexpress Type B memory cards.

The X-OCN codec produces lightweight RAW files with 16-bit color, though only X-OCN LT recording is available for the Sony Burano. The Sony Venice 2 cinema camera, in contrast, supports X-OCN XT and X-OCN ST recording.

Sony Burano Movie Camera with 8.6K and Image Stabilization

Recording in X-OCN LT results in files that are 60% lighter than standard Sony RAW files. An infographic illustrates a comparison of X-OCN, XAVC, and ProRes codecs.

Additionally, the Sony Burano introduces the new XAVC H codec, which Sony claims is twice as efficient as traditional XAVC H.264. The codec offers Intra HQ, Intra SQ, or LongGOP encoding options.

To record in the X-OCN LT codec, VPG400-certified memory cards are required. The camera achieves a maximum bitrate of 270 MB/s (8K 16:9 at 30 frames per second X-OCN LT).

The Sony Burano offers an impressive range of frame rates and resolutions, surpassing the capabilities of the Sony FX9 cinema camera. It also features a valuable cache recording function, enabling up to 11 seconds of recording in 8.6K and up to 73 seconds in 4K before the record button is pressed. This feature proves invaluable for documentary filmmakers and unpredictable shooting scenarios.

However, it’s worth noting that the Sony Burano lacks support for anamorphic video recording, which is somewhat surprising given its $25,000 price tag.

The movie camera includes Fast Hybrid AF with subject recognition using AI processing when used with compatible E-mount lenses. Fast Hybrid AF offers touch control, and its 627-point focal plane phase-detection AF covers approximately 89% of the image area. Sony asserts that the autofocus performance matches that of the Sony FX6 and Sony FX9 cinema cameras.

Sony Burano Movie Camera with 8.6K and Image Stabilization

The Sony Burano boasts a compact form factor, weighing just 2.26 kg (without a PL lens adapter). In comparison, the Sony Venice 2 8K cinema camera weighs 4.2 kg, and the Sony FX9 model weighs 2 kg. The camera’s body is constructed from magnesium alloy.

This cinema camera introduces a matrix stabilization system, a first for the CineAlta series. It offers three-axis stabilization with PL optics and five-axis stabilization with E-mount lenses. The operator’s side houses all controls, while the XLR inputs are located on the opposite side. The camera includes eight assignable buttons.

Sony Burano price and release date

The Sony Burano cinema shooting camera is priced at $25,000 and is available for pre-order through the and online stores.

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