Roborock Q8 Max Series robot vacuum mop with Discount

Roborock has revealed the new Q8 Max series robot vacuum with mop and mapping. These new robot mop models, including the Q8 Max+ variant, feature the innovative DuoRoller brush and Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance technology, previously exclusive to higher-end models. Notably, the Q8 Max+ is enhanced with a self-draining dock, ensuring an impressive seven weeks of battery life.

Roborock Q8 Max Plus price

Similar to the Q5 Pro, the Q8 Max Roborock mop cleaning device integrates the DuoRoller brush, a high-performance cleaning tool designed for deep cleaning. This marks the introduction of this advanced feature into Roborock’s mid-range models, signifying a significant upgrade in cleaning efficiency. The device boasts a robust suction power of up to 5,500 Pa and incorporates a mopping function with 30 adjustable levels of water flow, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.

A key differentiator between the Q8 Max and its counterparts, such as the Q5 Pro, is the Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance system. This groundbreaking technology enables the robot to navigate seamlessly, avoiding collisions with furniture, people, or pets during the cleaning process.

Utilizing LiDAR technology, the robot intelligently moves in alignment with your floor layout, effectively cleaning even the most challenging areas between panels. The accompanying Roborock app allows users to customize their home map, with the vacuum providing intelligent suggestions for off-limits zones, enhancing user control.

Additional features include a child lock mechanism and a quick clean mode, optimizing cleaning efficiency by reducing operational time by 30%. The Q8 Max+ takes convenience to the next level with its self-emptying dock, rendering the vacuum self-sufficient for an impressive seven weeks.

Equipped with a powerful 5,200 mAh battery, the device offers a remarkable four hours of continuous operation, making it suitable for spaces spanning approximately 300 m². This innovative series represents a significant leap forward in the realm of smart cleaning technology.

Roborock Q8 Max & Q8 Max+ price and availability

  • The Roborock Q8 Max is currently available on at the attractive price of $599.99, with an additional coupon code discounting the total by $150.
  • Meanwhile, the enhanced Q8 Max+ model is priced at $819.99 on, further reduced by a $220 coupon code, making it a compelling choice for those seeking advanced cleaning solutions.

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