Red Rhino V-Raptor 8K S35 Digital Cinema Introduced

The RED Digital Cinema has officially introduced a new cinema camera called RED Rhino V-Raptor 8K S35. It is a new version of the flagship RED V-Raptor DSMC3 cinema camera with a new sensor. This 8K camera comes with a slightly smaller sensor than the RED Komodo while offering more resolution.

Red Rhino V-Raptor 8K S35 Digital Cinema Camera

The RED Rhino V-Raptor 8K S35 Cinema Camera comes with a 26.21mm x 13.82mm S35 8K CMOS sensor with a resolution of 35.4 megapixels. The sensor covers most of the S35 lenses, unlike traditional RED sensors.

The latest camera can record 8K video at 120 fps. The camera comes in a special “Rhino Grey” version from the Wildlife Society of Filmmakers, part of which goes to various wildlife charities.

Key Features

  • Sensor: 8K S35 35.4MP CMOS sensor
  • Pixels: 8192(h) x 4320(v)
  • Matrix size: 26.21 mm x 13.82 mm (diagonal: 29.63 mm)
  • Dynamic Range: 16.5+ stops
  • Lens mount: Built-in RF mount with support for RF lenses
  • Canon EF lenses compatible via Canon RF EF mount adapters
  • Supports other Canon RF mount lens adapters for a wide range of lenses
  • Maximum data transfer rate: up to 800MB/s when using RED branded cards or other certified CFexpress cards
  • R3D Max Frame Rate: Same as V-Raptor VV
  • Weight: 1.8 kg

RED Rhino V-Raptor 8K S35 price and release date

The Red Digital Cinema 8K camera is already available for pre-order for $19,500 on the website.

Red Rhino V-Raptor 8K S35 Digital Cinema Camera

Last month, Sony introduced a new advanced full-frame mirrorless camera Sony a7R V. The new Sony 8K camera received several advanced features (including video recording), an updated display, and a completely innovative autofocus system that uses a special Sony chip for artificial intelligence.

The Sony a7RV camera received a 61-megapixel sensor, 5-axis matrix image stabilization, support for 8K and 4K video recording, and a new display with different tilt angles.

The Sony a7R V full-frame mirrorless camera has been priced at $3,898 and is available to pre-order on the and websites.

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