New Panasonic Camcorder with 4K UHD Video: HC-X1500, HC-X2000 and AG-CX10

At the interface between amateur and professional segment, Panasonic relies on a new trio of camcorders. The compact HC-X1500 is an affordable Panasonic camcorder, but still largely identical to the HC-X2000. The AG-CX10 is designed to appeal to professionals with additional recording formats and a LAN interface.

panasonic Camcorder
Panasonic HC-X2000

The three new Panasonic 4K camcorders are particularly compact or especially in comparison with the X1000. For Panasonic does without the handle on the X1500, it is particularly compact, but can still be optionally attached with the detachable handle. This inevitably means that both the AG-CX10 and the HC-X2000 have a detachable handle.

Not only is the audio unit with two XLR inputs and the manual control housed in the handle, but also a dimmable LED light with 5000 Kelvin. As usual, there is another record button and a zoom rocker in the detachable handle. With the dimensions of 129 x 159 x 257 mm, the Panasonic video camcorder with handle weighs around 1.5kg.

Differences between new Panasonic Camcorder

In addition to the optional handle, the X2000 and CX10, as a further distinction from the X1500, have a 3G-SDI interface so that Full HD via SDI from the camcorder camera can be passed on to an image mixer, for example. Internally, the three Panasonic 4K camcorder can record up to 60 frames per second or 4K resolution with 24 frames per second.

panasonic 4k Camcorder
Panasonic HC-X1500

The maximum data rate for UHD, unlike the X1000, is now 200 megabits per second. UHD with 60 pictures can be saved with a color depth of 10-bit 4: 2: 0 (HEVC) or with 30 pictures also with 10-bit 4: 2: 2. You can record in full HD resolution with up to 120 pictures and thus in slow motion. It is saved on two SD card slots.

The camcorders can supply an external recorder via HDMI. The professional version CX10 has several advantages for internal storage: It supports microP2 memory cards and stores P2 MXF files on request. It also provides an Ethernet connection, whereby it also provides an adapter cable for the USB interface.

Sensor and Optics

All three work with a 1/2.5-inch sensor, which is nominally smaller than that of the X1000, but thanks to a resolution of 8.57 megapixels (eff. 8.29MP), which is reduced to the sensible dimension, larger pixels and thus one offers higher light sensitivity with reduced noise.

panasonic video Camcorder camera
Panasonic AG-CX10

The camcorders also have in common the optics with a focal length range of 25 to 600 millimeters at a light intensity of F1.8 to 4. The optics can be operated with the zoom rockers or manually via two setting rings, which allow manual focusing and optionally direct access to the aperture setting or zoom.

Panasonic installs a three-stage ND filter on the camcorder camera. Panasonic promises reliable and fast autofocus as an image processor thanks to the Venus engine taken from the camera series. The Ball OIS optical image stabilization has been redesigned, and its spherical suspensions are designed to reduce friction and thus work more agile. In conjunction with electronic image stabilization, the hybrid stabilizer calms the image in 5 axes.

Battery and Connectivity

Among other things, the more compact fan, which ensures largely silent air supply via the rear and exhaust duct, should ensure increased battery performance of up to 4.5 hours. Using the capacitive touchscreen with 920,000 RGB pixels, the viewfinder, which can be swiveled upwards, now delivers around 520,000 RGB pixels and can be operated in parallel with the LCD monitor.

best Camcorder
VW-HU1 Detachable Handle

For direct transmission to the Internet, the Panasonic camcorders have an integrated Wi-Fi module and support the common transmission protocols RTSP / RTP / RTMP / RTMPS. Thanks to the Ethernet interface, the CX10 also works with a cable. It has also mastered the NDI HX protocol. In addition, the HC ROP app can be used to remotely control exposure settings including lens control and start shooting via WiFi. All three camcorders also offer a remote interface for wired remote controls.

Price and Availability

The Panasonic HC-X1500 has been priced at $1,697.99 for the body only, and it can be pre-ordered through the and online stores and will be released on February 15, 2020.

The Panasonic HC-X2000 has been priced at $2,197.99 for a camcorder with a detachable handle unit, and it can be pre-ordered through and online stores and will be released on February 15, 2020.

The Panasonic AG-CX10 has been priced at $2,595 for a camcorder with a detachable handle unit, and it can be pre-ordered through the online store.

The Panasonic VW-HU1 Detachable Handle Unit for the HC-X1500 has been priced at $299.99, and it can also be pre-ordered via the store.

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  1. HI! I have important questions that will determine my decision to buy PANASONIC XC X 2000:
    1. Can it shoot at 24 frames per sec to make it look more or less like film and at what resolution…?
    2. How would You compare it with CANON XF 400 CCD chip size and how does is react on shooting in low light conditions?
    3. Can I look at the footage of this camcorder showing various conditions and low light….

    • Hi, here is all the video recording modes available:

      AVCHD/MOV/MP4 4:2:0 10-Bit: 3840 x 2160p up to 50/60 fps, 1920 x 1080p up to 50/60/120 fps.

      AVCHD/MOV/MP4 4:2:2 10-Bit: 3840 x 2160p at 25/30 fps, 1920 x 1080p at 25/30/50/60 fps.

      We don’t have hands-on experience yet, so we could not comment on a personal overview now.

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