FiiO SP3 HiFi audiophile speakers for PC, TV, and Consoles

The audio specialist FiiO offers the best audiophile speakers for PC with the SP3. These speakers are not only active but also designed for direct compatibility with PCs and other output devices.

best audiophile speakers for PC FiiO SP3

The manufacturer FiiO should also be known for its audio products. Specifically, FiiO products are also available globally. With the FiiO SP3, the best audiophile speakers for PC are now also available.

These are no ordinary speakers; the FiiO SP3 falls under the category of active speakers, ready for immediate plug-and-play connection to a PC, television, or gaming console. The added advantage of active speakers is that they eliminate the need for a separate amplifier, as they come equipped with a built-in power amplifier sourced from Texas Instruments.

Designed as compact table speakers, the FiiO SP3 measures 163 x 120 x 132 millimeters, ensuring they find a convenient spot on any PC desk. A pair of these speakers weighs around 5 kilograms. Notably, the speakers come with a unique feature – an underbody lighting system that defaults to a pulsating mode.

Offering a selection of 24 colors, this lighting can even synchronize with music. The speakers’ construction utilizes liquid metal, providing enhanced stability and reduced housing resonance. The included stand elevates the speakers by 7 degrees for optimal positioning.

Equipped with a 3.5-inch mid-woofer and one-inch tweeters, the FiiO SP3 boasts exceptional sound capabilities. The tweeters can reach frequencies up to 35 kHz. The combined output power is estimated at 80 watts, with 30 watts per bass driver and 20 watts for the tweeters.

Connectivity options include both a jack plug and RCA inputs. Users can effortlessly switch between input sources and directly control volume and bass intensity from the speakers. For added convenience, the main speaker can be placed on either the left or right side, simplifying cable management.

FiiO SP3 price and availability

The FiiO SP3 is currently available for $299.99 / £289.99 on and, offering free shipping and prompt delivery.

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Sony, on the other hand, recently unveiled the SRS-XV800, a versatile portable wireless speaker designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Boasting 360-degree sound, this model can seamlessly serve as a soundbar substitute for TVs. Sony’s engineering combines two 170-millimeter woofers with two tweeters. The SRS-XV800 is competitively priced at $649.99 / £599 and stands as a testament to Sony’s commitment to audio innovation.

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