QNAP TS-AI642 AI NAS with high performance and fast network connection

QNAP has unveiled the TS-AI642, a novel network storage solution that aims to stand out with its robust AI capabilities, capable of tasks like image and face recognition. A swift network connection is also a hallmark of this device.


Modern network storage has evolved beyond mere data housing and this transformation is reflected in hardware advancements. QNAP’s TS-AI642 represents this evolution by introducing a NAS that excels in AI processing power. The built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU) propels its performance to an impressive 6 TOPS. This formidable AI capacity lends itself to applications such as image and face recognition, rendering the system suitable for professional surveillance applications.

The AI NAS integrates an ARM-based SoC housing four Cortex A76 and Cortex A55 cores. Its onboard memory stands at 8 gigabytes of RAM, with no provisions for expansion. The internal storage amounts to 4 gigabytes. Six 3.5-inch mass storage devices can be accommodated, connected through the customary SATA interface. Additionally, support for 2.5-inch hard drives and SSDs is included.

Networking is facilitated through Ethernet, with one of the dual ports accommodating a remarkable 2.5 GBit/s data transfer rate. The NAS also includes two HDMI outputs compliant with HDMI 1.4b standards. For expansion, a PCIe Gen 3 slot with two lanes and two USB 2.0 ports is provided.


Measuring 171 x 235 x 226 millimeters, the unit can be operated via infrared using an accompanying remote control. In line with QNAP’s tradition, the device offers a plethora of functions, enabling diverse backup strategies and even support for Docker containers.

QNAP TS-AI642 price and release date

The QNAP TS-AI642 NAS AI is now available for purchase on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, priced at $799 / £850.12.

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In a similar vein, QNAP has recently introduced the TS-855X, an exceptional NAS solution that boasts remarkable features. Driven by the Intel Atom C5125 processor and supporting up to 128 GB of RAM, this system comes at a price point of $1,399.

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